Now take the XPM elevator that is currently in heavy use as an example.

1. The elevator can neither close nor open the door.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 control circuit fuse 1RD, 2RD or door fuse 11RD is too loose or broken, tighten or replace; 2 door drive belt slip, tension belt or replacement; 3 door motor DM damage, use The DC voltage between multimeters M3 and M4 is 110V, and the door machine does not turn, indicating that the motor is damaged, and it is repaired or replaced; 4 door machine resistance RMD broken wire does not pass, replace the resistor RMD; 5 door machine circuit is connected to the endpoint (M1 or M2 Or M3 or M4) loose off, tighten to make the line open; 6 in the base station with the key can not open, close the door, if the 22,24 points shorted, the elevator closed or will 22,32 shorted, the elevator door, explain the hall outside the key switch DYK contact is bad or broken. If the contact is poor, clean with anhydrous alcohol and adjust the contact springs. If the contact breaks, replace DYK.

2. After arriving at the station floor, the elevator door will not open.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 2K limit switch 2KM damage, so that the open relay JKM can not get electricity, the elevator can not open the door. Short-circuit two points 38,01 check OK, can open the door, explain 2KM damage, replace 2KM; 2 relay JKM damage, replace JKM; 3 open electrical circuit failure, such as running relay JYT normally closed contact barrier, etc., give exclusion; 4 open the door Area permanent magnet relay (commonly known as reed switch) damage, so that the open control relay JMQ can not pull, its normally open contact is still open, the relay JKM can not get electricity, but can not open the door, replace the permanent magnet relay in the open area.

3. Press the close button and the door is not closed.

Repair and remedy methods: 1 Close button AGM contact is bad or damaged, short circuit two points 23, 24 check the test, and then repair or replace; 2 three-level limit switch 3GM damage, so that the door relay JGM can not get power, the elevator can not Closed, shorted to 28, 01 two points to check and can close the door, that 3GM damage, replace 3GM; 3 door relay JGM damage, replace JGM; 4 start open relay 1JQ damage, its normally open contact 1JQ is still disconnected, JGM can not Get electricity, and therefore can not close the door, replace the relay 1JQ.

4. The elevator has accepted the floor selection signal and the door is closed but it cannot start.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 car door closed in place, but the car door interlock switch KMJ is not connected, the door lock relay JMS can not get electricity, and therefore can not start, adjust or replace the switch KMJ; 2 hall door is not closed in place, hall door joint The lock switch KMT fails to turn on, and the door lock relay JMS cannot be powered, and thus cannot be started. The door is again opened and closed. If this does not work, the door speed or the door lock switch KMT should be adjusted; the door is closed in place but the door lock switch KMT is faulty , Exclude or replace the door lock; 4 operation relay JYT failure, repair or replace JYT.

5. If the door is not closed, the elevator can start the election.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 Door lock relay JMS has stuck resistance and inhalation, eliminate and replace the relay JMS; 2 door lock switch KMT contact adhesion (micro switch lock), remove or replace the door lock.

6. The elevator stopped suddenly while driving.

Maintenance and remedy methods: The doorknife collides with the door wheel, the lock arm is disengaged, the door lock switch KMT is disconnected, the door lock relay JMS is de-energized, the elevator immediately stops, and the position of the door lock roller and the doorknife is adjusted.

7. Open the door without speed change.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 open door limit switch 1KM damage, replace the switch 1KM; 2 open shunt resistor RKM broken wire barrier, replace the resistor RKM.

8. Close speed without speed change.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: 1 Close the first and second limit switches 1GM, 2GM damage, replace 1GM, 2GM; 2 close the shunt resistor RGM disconnected, replace the resistor RGM.

9. Switch door speed slows down

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods: Open the door belt slip, tension belt.

10. The door leaf vibrates when opening and closing the door.

Maintenance and remedy methods: 1 serious wear of the door pulley, replace the door pulley; 2 door rail deformation or loose deflection, adjust the door rails, adjust, fasten the rails; 3 in the ridge of the chute is too much dust or debris , impede the sliding door, should clear the chute; 4 door lock two rollers and door knives are not close to the gap, adjust the lock.

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