United States a.b Rockwell Automation (Rockwell Automation) is the world’s leading supplier of industrial automation equipment. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. China’s application are accustomed to a.b brand. A.b is the abbreviation of the founder Allen-Bradley Allen-Bradley.
In the field of industrial control, a.b represents the US quality, brand high-end, expensive. Ab products are the most common products in the field of transmission. PowerFlex 40 Series, PowerFlex 70 Series, PowerFlex 700 Series, PowerFlex 700s Series, updated models such as the PowerFlex 753 Series; High Voltage Inverter PowerFlex 7000 Series; AB-1336PLUSII Series. Soft start MSC-3 series; ab150-B135NBDA series.
1.A.B400 series inverter repair. PowerFlex 400 series products are specifically for fan and pump applications, produced by the Delta OEM, power level from 2.2kw-260kw / three-phase AC 480v. 2.2kw-37kw / single-phase AC 220v. Since it is for the fan pump, the main functions are: PID control, anti-resonance frequency hopping, curve running buck mode, sleep function, power off automatically restart function, rs485 function.
1.a.b400 inverter user program is simple and practical, low power only drive board and control panel, high power fan power board, drive board and the main control board. Rockwell’s products, in the filter part of the interference or willing to cost, bulky reactor also increased the weight of the machine, the actual practical interference in the power grid is indeed smaller, more suitable for the voltage is not very stable environment practical.
2. Speaking of ab400 fan circuit, high-power inverter cooling is particularly important, Delta fan or unique, double fan design complex structure, large air volume. Ab400 for the cooling part of the power supply design a separate power supply, and temperature detection circuit design together, this circuit is ab400 series inverter failure one of the high standards.
3. Driving circuit, ab400 series of high-power inverter drive using independent power supply structure, so that three-phase six bridges are separate power, cancel the optocoupler isolation mode and then use the transformer coupling mode, be one of the more unique design The This circuit put an end to the photoelectric coupling element is easy to aging the physical properties, improve the service life, the disadvantage is to increase the cost of complex circuit. The maintenance of the drive unit becomes complicated.
4. Power, in general, ab400 series inverter power supply is very little failure, due to the power consumption of a large fan independent out, while amplifying the supply current margin (see the power switch transformer to know that the transformer size and power is Is proportional to), in the actual maintenance, listening to the power if there is intermittent call, generally driven by a short circuit due to power supply. Power on no display, may be into the line insurance are blown up, because ab400 generally use AC and DC power supply. Communication is not on, of course, no power machine.
5 fried module, the inverter will occur fried module failure, fried module failure is generally caused by excessive current. If the module is not broken open, the module driver level is not short circuit (open circuit), then you can detect the three Hall dynamic output is balanced, whether the module is naturally damaged, the load is overloaded. If the module fried torn apart, it should be considered whether there is a short circuit after the high-speed, high-power inverter, test drive circuit output is digital waveform, Hall (especially only two Hall) is not damaged. General high-power drive are done more complex, the purpose is to ensure that the output drive pulse, up and down along the absolute steep, fast response speed, protection as much as possible to improve.
2.A.B700 series inverter repair. The Ab700 series is divided into many uses and has more members in the Rockwell Drive Control family. The Ab753-755 series can be viewed as an upgraded version of the PowerFlex 400. Ab70 is compact, small footprint, suitable for space requirements of the compact occasions. Ab700 rated power range, the control mode of ordinary speed control to the strict torque control, can be calmly cope. Package design standards, modular, optional, very versatile. Ab700s is an upgraded version of ab700, the equivalent of servo-controlled inverter, in response to more stringent use of the conditions and development, and its software features, fault alarm tips are very different, the price is more expensive. Ab700L is a water-cooled inverter, power and efficiency have been improved, but the use of occasions more complex. Ab700H is suitable for low speed and high torque applications, the use of ATEX certified option, with explosion-proof function, suitable for potentially explosive use in the environment.
1, rectifier circuit. Rockwell likes to play bridge-type SCR rectifier, but also has his strengths, SCR rectifier is to give a boot power supply. After the power works, the dynamic waveform of the three-phase alternating current is detected, and the pwm pulse width signal is outputted by the operation multiplication and soft-start, and the thyristor is driven to rectify the bridge to charge the capacitor. This design advantage is without contactors and high power start resistor, improve rectification efficiency, reduce contactor failure. The disadvantage is that the rectifier circuit is complex, rectifier fried module, triggering drive circuit maintenance trouble or simply can not be repaired. Ab700 series is used in this way. (It is worth noting that, ab700 high-power inverter are used to start a separate power supply, that is to say a separate access to a 560v DC power supply, to the machine for power, the control circuit to start the rectifier circuit, power supply standby.
2. Power supply circuit. Ab700 low power only one power supply. This power supply to the control panel, communication board, driver board, respectively, power supply. High-power power supply In addition to the motherboard communication board power supply, there is a drive is independent power supply. In general, ab700 series of DC bus detection circuit, the use of switching power supply pulse width detection method. This is a lot of Europe and the United States DC bus detection circuit is not the same, such as Siemens, Lenz, etc., are used directly from the bus to measure the method of antihypertension, this time to pay attention to maintenance.
3. Drive circuit. Ab700 drive design, the use of optoelectronic coupling isolation, six bridge arm power supply alone. Depending on the drive power size, the design is slightly different. Low power characteristics of the upper and lower drive parallel design, with the mutual lock. In the same phase on the bridge high frequency now bridge lock, down the bridge when the bridge on the high level to ensure the correct conduction angle. In the actual maintenance, encountered the case of fried modules should be reverse the reasoning one or two steps to determine the cause of the problem.
4. Repair example. One from Shaanxi mail over ab700s, the customer reflects the alarm alarm f31 (PrechargeError) pre-charging error. This is a common failure of the low power ab700s inverter.  Power, monitor the parameters of view, found no 560V bus voltage. With a multimeter to test the motherboard to simulate the detection voltage data, found to 0 volts, the normal should be more than 3 volts. Continue to test the power supply voltage detection ic16 feet, power supply normal, oscilloscope to see 2 feet pwm pulse width input normal, using interference method, 7 feet output no change. For a model with the ic, DC bus to monitor the normal 560v. Change the parameters of test machine, troubleshooting.

3.A.B1336 series inverter repair.
1336PLUS II inverter has been discontinued models, Rockwell is the market to the high-end inverter series. Change the parameter settings, from simple speed control to vector torque control functions. With a small noise, high precision control, overload capacity characteristics. Is currently on the market to maintain the largest one of the high-end models. 1336 PLUS II inverter in the metallurgical, mining, cement, building materials, paper, water treatment and other industries are used. Nameplate models such as 1336F-B030-AA-EN-HAS2; 1336F-BP300-AA-EN; 1336e-r800-an-en and so on.
1. Control the motherboard. Ab1336 inverter control board models more, such as 1336f series, 1336e series, 1336s series, different motherboard software version and application are different, especially in order to understand the replacement. Ab1336 main control board to do a large volume, expansion interface, jumper, are integrated in a large board, by setting the jumper, you can use the panel operation test machine, very convenient, by removing the jumper using tb3 interface board, Easily implement remote control, encoder connection. It is worth mentioning that the Rockwell 1336PLUS II main control board in the prominent position are reserved for maintenance test points, the failure can be easily tested for analysis.
2. drive board. 1336 PLUS II high-power inverter drive board also designed well. Power is divided into main power and drive power. This power supply is responsible for starting the pre-charge circuit, the current sensor power supply, the motherboard power supply and drive power supply. The task of driving the power supply is to supply the 28v DC power supply from the main power supply to the supply voltage of the six arms required to drive. Power the drive module separately. Ab1336 drive in addition to driving the IGBT module work, but also has a fault detection function. In the off-line detection should pay attention to shielding test, not shield can not drive.
3. Precharge circuit. Ab1336 pre-charging circuit is designed to be very complex, this circuit and Siemens, ABB and other brands are not the same. Principle is the case, the power by the diode d12 / d14 / d17 composition of the rectifier to the power supply power supply, power supply after the main control board work. The main control board began to check the DC bus voltage and three-phase power supply voltage and found three-phase ready to cpu a 5v high, so the CPU issued a response to the high level, pulse width control circuit to soft start mode, power capacitor Formal charging standby. DC bus to detect the bus voltage, if not detected voltage or charging circuit problems, the alarm f19 (pre-charging circuit error), of course, fried IGBT fuse after the fuse will report the same failure. 1336PLUS II high-power inverter pre-charge plate is expensive and difficult to buy, in the actual maintenance, but also can be used other pmw control board replacement, the same stable and reliable performance. But to note that some pwm pulse width control board with hot, and some require cold, if the cold power supply board, you must re-take all the way to work power. Otherwise it will burn the main control board, it is worth the candle.
4.A.B150b series of soft starter maintenance
Ab soft starter has a lot of series, common a.b150b series, a.b150f series. Often hear a lot of industrial maintenance prawns disdain what to say, what, soft starter! No technical content friends. I also admitted that many soft-start function is really simple. Ab soft starter circuit board chip using pgda package, to really deal with the chip is broken, there are still some difficult to repair, the first chip is difficult to buy, the other welding process requirements are also very high (of course, you have a tin Problem of things). The international first-line brand industrial manufacturers in the soft-start design or spend great effort. The soft starter requires a high overload capability, which is not just a matter of increasing the power thyristor.
A.b smc150 soft starter using auxiliary power supply, control, the number caused some inconvenient: such as the start port has not been isolated control, direct use, then often have the feeling of electric shock. A.B smc150 soft start In addition to bypass contact, there are speed input detection, temperature input detection and other functions.
1.a.b smc150b series of soft starter works is the case. Connected to the auxiliary power supply, auxiliary power supply is the soft starter power supply, single-phase 220v. The power supply through the 11/12 terminal access, rectifier filter, the switching power supply to get the required operating voltage, so that the machine work properly.
2. Three-phase AC connection After power-up, the first phase detection to determine the temperature detection without abnormal normal start, start the current detection began to work and display the actual load current (according to parameter settings), if the current in the set data , According to the set time, bypass contactor conduction, switch to the power frequency working state.
3. Current detection at the same time will compare the three-phase current, whether the balance? If the output is seriously unbalanced when the failure to stop. 2, a.b smc150 series of soft start with a minimum output current limit. In the field test machine, if the starting current is less than the minimum current, the soft starter also alarm shutdown. At this time, as long as the corresponding set of current parameters can be normal start.
4. Maintenance example, a.b cms150f series (220kw) user repair, the customer said that sometimes can not start, but no alarm display. According to the user said test machine, pay attention to start listening to the relay sound, found unable to start, the relay sound is also no. The initial judgment fault should be that the digital input is not given to the control board. After a static test, found a hpcl3700 photoelectric conversion capacity is weak, new components, the test machine normal

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