FESTO cylinder is the source of car driving force, regardless of how high the car can reach, how much can climb the slope, can pull heavy cargo, all power from the cylinder, are driven by the combustion of fuel in the cylinder after the piston movement , And then through the connecting rod, crankshaft, transmission, drive shaft, and finally the power transmitted to the wheels, thereby promoting the car forward. FESTO cylinder air leakage is generally divided into internal leakage and external leakage.

1. Internal Leakage: Leakage between the anterior chamber and the posterior chamber created within the cylinder block, known as internal leakage, also known as “string of gas.”

specific reason:

1) Piston seal leaks, broken or scratched.

2) The inner wall of the cylinder is worn and damaged.

3) Shaft seal damage, or poor assembly.

4) piston ring damage, magnet seat and piston assembly before scratching damage or defects.

2. External Leakage: The working air leaks from the inside of the cylinder body to the outside, and the leakage occurs, which is called as external leakage. the reason:

1) Dust seal position leak, seal ring is damaged or scratched.

2) Axis surface with impurities or scratches.

3) wall seal scratched or poor assembly.

4) seal type does not match, assembly error.

5) Cylinder or end cap seal position deformation.

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