Industrial fast door, refers to the fastest moving speed can reach 2-2.5 m / s above the fast opening and closing of the shutter door, or according to the height of the passage can be adjusted to specify the opening of the fast opening and closing of the automatic positioning control. The addition of the sensor can solve the problem of low accuracy of the potentiometer commonly used in the traditional common door opener.

The rapid opening of the shutter doors, especially with adjustable specified opening, greatly reduces the waiting time for entry and exit of personnel or vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, work equipment and other accesses. Fast door high-speed opening and closing, while the dust-free environment with high control of the workshop and special areas extremely applicable, can effectively stop the dust, insects and dirty air inflow. At the same time in the cold storage and factory drying room, factory environmental protection and other fast doors can reduce energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction benefits. Industrial rapid door in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed industrial countries have long been popular for many years. In particular, production-oriented enterprises, workshops and workshops must have fast door separation. If it is food, pharmaceutical companies, it is mandatory by the government, it must be fast roll door isolation, to prevent the product from secondary pollution. At present, in the newly-built domestic pharmaceutical, food, semiconductor, cold storage and automobile factories and other industrial plants, need to install fast doors. Prompted by the new round of national energy-saving emission reduction, the promotion and application of industrial fast doors can also contribute to the energy conservation and emission reduction of factories and cold stores and generate benefits for users.

Fast opening of industrial fast door or opening and closing in the specified adjustable opening degree fast control requires frequency inverter motor or servo motor control to achieve rapid and accurate positioning control, but the use of high cost of servo motor, fast Do not need to use the door, the vast majority of the current use of simple PLC and variable frequency motor control.

There are many ways to start accelerating, decelerating, parking position and speed feedback in the control scheme of using PLC plus variable frequency motor. One is the semi-open-loop control with signal feedback of switch group such as proximity switch, Encoder signal to do continuous position feedback position closed-loop control, and then there is a full-scale absolute encoder absolute position feedback position closed-loop control.

In the past, the potentiometer used by the traditional common door opener was low in precision, which failed to meet the requirements of rapid continuous multi-point acceleration and deceleration and parking control precision. The following is a comparison of various sensors:

1. With the feedback control principle of switches such as proximity switches, the deceleration curve is relied on the on-site inertial resistance because only the single-point position feedback is provided. When the on-site inertial resistance characteristics are changed, for example, resistance changes in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the system Changes in old and new resistance, the scene a variety of other factors involved in the change, the fixed single-point feedback and control can not be changed, and can not achieve the exact deceleration and parking consistency, and sometimes missed the brake point in place without stopping, causing the door knocked , And sometimes can not close the door, this method is in fact the cost of installing multiple switches or multi-switch integrated box is not low, more inconvenient maintenance. In addition, in the new promotion and development, the industrial fast door also needs to adjust the opening degree of the door according to the level of the traffic, and the control mode with the proximity switch can not meet the control requirement with adjustable opening. In fact, after years of rapid door application manufacturers practice, this method has proved more backward, do not want to use this method.

2. Encoder signal feedback incremental position loop feedback idea, according to this idea you can know the continuous position of the fast door movement, the effective controller to adjust the speed of the variable frequency motor, to quickly adjust the acceleration and deceleration and stop the control requirements. However, in actual use, due to inverter interference signal within the inverter is easy for incremental pulse interference (inverter has internal DC – AC inverter principle), electromagnetic brake electromagnetic burst signal for incremental pulse Of the interference, according to the incremental signal feedback stop result is found to be difficult to maintain consistency, incremental encoder in the motor power failure – brake time lag segment often can no longer obtain accurate signal, and become error accumulated.

In addition, according to the international industrial fast door safety standards (mandatory provisions), the fast door for safety reasons need to have a hand-self-use closed door function, incremental encoder in the power after the manual switch door position, must rely on external signals Re-determine the original point location.

According to the above problems, some manufacturers have to choose the approach of proximity switch + incremental encoder, which is a combination of the above two feedback schemes of 1 + 2, so as to compensate for the missing position of the incremental encoder with the switching signal. But in that case, the cost has greatly increased, but also brought very inconvenient maintenance.

3. The absolute position encoder of GEX series full-stroke absolute encoder is continuously fed back. The GEX encoder is an innovative, full-travel, absolute-value multiturn encoder with a non-contact absolute encoder inside, and not just a 360-degree single-turn measurement, but also internal-based watch gears The principle of measuring the absolute value of multi-loop location information, the whole trip absolute encoding, when the power outage can move the whole trip without loss of location information. GEX series encoder used in industrial fast door generally chooses RS485 digital signal output, which can connect RS485 interface of all kinds of small PLCs, so the user chooses a wide range of controllers and the cost is low. In addition, GEX series encoders are also made in China Price promotion routes, the price has been with the same level of incremental encoder similar to this very popular with users. GEX full stroke absolute multi-turn encoder is generally installed on the gearbox side, providing continuous absolute position feedback of the entire stroke, the controller relies on its full position information to quickly make variable frequency motor acceleration and deceleration, parking adjustment, because this is the internal The absolute value of the full stroke coding, and the RS485 digital signal transmission, for the inverter inverter interference, electromagnetic brake holding the interference, power outages and manual after the move has no effect, and always provide full-travel absolute position feedback , The control commands that the controller can thus make to ensure complete consistency ensure fast, accurate and repeatable control of fast doors. In addition, the newly opened door opening according to the requirements of adjustable accessibility, and security can be used to open the door by hand since the absolute position of the full stroke signal, free from power outages or interference, can be Set the opening at any height position, fully meet the needs of industrial rapid door future technological development. To this end, the choice of GEX full stroke multi-turn absolute encoder, the site commissioning has become extremely convenient, which can greatly save on-site installation and commissioning costs, and future after-sale maintenance costs, the use of economy than the use of incremental encoder or Proximity switch group to highlight.

In addition, because the GEX encoder is the full-stroke absolute position signal, it can provide the continuous full-stroke position of the door opener under various conditions. The manual full-stroke closed door or the power-off inertia decline after the power outage. The accuracy of the position information feedback is not Influence, which is used for fast door control to ensure the safety, and in the application of industrial fast door abroad, the choice of absolute encoder to protect can be manually and automatically open the door, has become a mandatory safety regulations.

In the recent use of GEX38 encoder as an industrial fast door application, its prominent effect and economy won the door opener controller manufacturers and open-door machine factory applications users affirmed, for example, in a recent Shandong auto factory fast door bidding , The program using GEX38 encoder won the bid in one fell swoop. The rest of the solutions without absolute encoder, whether it is performance index, use effect or final price maintainability, can not compare with the GEX38 encoder scheme, especially Industrial fast door with automatic door can be opened and closed, after power failure manual full-stroke opening and closing door function is a required safety guarantee, and GEX encoder for full stroke absolute value multi-turn encoding, you can fully meet this requirement. It can be foreseen, safe, fast, adjustable, can produce visible benefits for the user, is the direction of the development of industrial fast door, fast door machine use full-stroke absolute encoder (such as GEX series absolute multi-turn encoding Device) has become a new benchmark in the industrial door opener industry.

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