[Project Introduction]
The project is located in Liaoning Province, a 400,000 tons / day of water treatment projects, the use of three sets of Mitsubishi Q series PLC and a redundant system. Since the control system has been put into operation, the performance is stable and reliable, the user is very good sure. In the later two projects still use the Mitsubishi PLC and control network.

[System map]

The system uses a clear two-tier network, the upper computer between the use of Ethernet, the controller between the mining 10M high-speed MELSECNET / 10 dual-ring cable network.
MELSECNET / 10 control network with loop switching, loop loopback and floating master and other functions to ensure that the entire control system with a high degree of security and reliability.
By installing the MELSECNET / 10 network PCI communication board on the host computer, you can connect the supervisory computer directly to the 10 network, so as to ensure the real-time performance of the host computer.
Local PLC control station configuration serial communication module, connect the local computer monitoring system.

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