02Jul 2019

The FX1N series PLC is a universal option with up to 128 points of control. Because the FX1N series PLC has scalability for input/output, logic control, and communication/link functions, it has a wide range of applications for common solutions.     The Mitsubishi FX2NC series PLC achieves a considerable scale reduction while retaining its original powerful […]

18Jul 2019

There are two types of timers in Omron PLC: TIM/ TIMH TIM – normal timer Timing time is 0~999.9 s TIMH – High Speed Timer Timing Time is 0~99. 99 s N:000~127 (TIM shares these numbers with TIMH) SV : 0~9999 Unit: TIM is 0.1 s; TIMH is 0.01 s ★ Timer function 1 Timing […]

23Jul 2019

The maximum operating frequency of the counter in the PLC ladder program is limited by the scan period and is generally only a few tens of Hz. In industrial control, the PLC is sometimes required to have a fast counting function, and the counting pulse may come from a rotary encoder, a mechanical switch or […]

26Apr 2018

(1) When restarting, it will trip at a raise speed. This is a very serious phenomenon of overcurrent. The main reasons are: load short circuit, mechanical parts stuck; inverter module damage; motor torque is too small and so on. (2) Power-on jump, this phenomenon can not be reset generally, the main reasons are: bad module, […]

06Aug 2019

What kinds of sensors are classified by output parameters? (1) Resistive type This type of sensor is a change that will be measured by a sensitive component to a resistance. For example, platinum resistance, copper resistance temperature sensor, is the change of the measured temperature into the resistance value; the thermistor is also the change […]