product description

The new four-axis robot CH series is new, compact, lightweight and high-performance. It further meets customers’ requirements for installation space, performance and overall cost. It is a cost-effective product for customers.

More compact

→ It requires less installation size and is more suitable for use in small spaces and unit equipment.

→ Avoid interference with surrounding equipment, and the top wiring is optimized for design, further reducing the height.



→ Easy to move, reducing the difficulty of installation and commissioning.

Higher performance

→ The powerful CR751 series controller can use various network options to correspond to a variety of networks, ensuring rich scalability;

→ The built-in calibration function of the controller enables simple setting with the vision sensor;

→ MELFA-BASIC language ensures the consistency of programming habits;

→ High inertia mode for larger grips and eccentric grips for a more flexible design;

→ The internal wiring is open, and external wiring can be easily added for easier use.


Reduce total cost

→ No need to teach the teacher, use the computer to teach;

→ Standard IO board and IO cable connector; standard conveyor tracking function;

→ The controller can control up to 8 additional axes without a dedicated control unit.

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