Cylinder specific selection process is as follows

01 Selected cylinder bore: According to the load size, operating speed and working pressure to determine the cylinder diameter, of which the important selection steps are as follows: ① determine the weight of the load (including the workpiece, fixtures, guides and other movable parts of the weight); ② election Air pressure to be used (compressed air supply cylinder pressure); ③ determine the direction of cylinder action.

02 Selected cylinder stroke: cylinder stroke and the use of occasions and the agency’s stroke than the relevant, in order to facilitate installation and commissioning, the calculated stroke to leave appropriate margin. As far as possible the selection of standard travel, to ensure rapid delivery, lower costs.

03 Selected cylinder series: According to the purpose of use, bore and stroke range, select the appropriate cylinder series.

04 Selected installation form: by the installation location, purpose of use and other factors. Generally use a fixed cylinder.

05 selected buffer: According to the speed of the piston to decide whether to use buffer device. Cylinder configurations are different from the buffer device, customers can choose according to the actual load motion, if the load and speed, the buffer itself is difficult to absorb the impact of the cylinder itself, you must design a buffer circuit or use an external buffer.

06 Selected cylinder is magnetic: When the pneumatic system with electrical control, the cylinder can be used with magnetic switch.

07 Selected accessories: such as solenoid valves, throttle valves, fittings and even pipes, seemingly irrelevant but affect performance. Of course, as long as the aerodynamic selection of the problem is solved, the other can basically match the table.

08 Other Requirements: If the working environment is poor, install the dust cover on the rod end. Requires non-polluting oil or oil-free lubrication cylinder.

Cylinder selection is not a skill that can be opportunistic, you want to master, in addition to learning cylinder knowledge, collect some empirical data to help the selection, but also can not relax the accumulation of common sense, such as under normal circumstances, single-acting cylinder with two three Pass solenoid valve, double-acting cylinder with two five-way solenoid valve and other such common sense should be familiar.

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