Delta’s B2 series servo motors range in power from 0.1kW to 3kW and can meet a wide range of industrial machinery applications. It is a very cost-effective mid-range servo product. In actual use, in addition to the convenient wiring and operation settings, in the process of interconnection with other brand products, rapid integration can be achieved, reducing the risk of cost when replacing products. As a result, the ASDA-B2 series is a full-featured, universal servo product that offers a wide range of operating options for a specific area.

Delta B2 series servo motor jitter processing method:

1. Set P2-47 to 1, and keep running until P2-47 becomes 0, that is, the automatic suppression resonance setting is completed.

2. If the resonance cannot be effectively eliminated, refer to the Delta servo manual and refer to the parameters of P2 to adjust the parameters that will generate vibration and noise until it reaches smooth operation.

3. In the case of no vibration and noise, if the motor does not achieve good results, please adjust the corresponding parameters as needed to ensure good operation.

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