In recent years, with the rapid spread of tablet PCs, smart phones, and mobile communication networks and the rapid development of the automotive and mobile communications industries, traditional single-axis engraving and processing equipment has been far from meeting the actual needs of rapid market development. At the same time, traditional The 3C industrial processing equipment is also facing upgrading. In this context, the CNC five-axis double-head engraving machine was created. CNC five-axis double-head engraving machine reads the processing G code through the numerical control device; the internal PLC controls the external pneumatic clamp, through the double-station cycle of rapid processing, improve production efficiency, can effectively meet the Tablet PC, smart phones, mobile communications and other industries The demand for large-scale order production in a short period of time.

Recently, Delta has provided a set of five-axis CNC solutions for a customer to help customers improve their production efficiency and maximize their revenue. The program consists of Delta NC300AH five-axis DMCNET digital high-speed communication bus-type integrated control system, with communication ASDA-A2-NN servo driver and Nikon absolute large inertia motor ECMC-CW series.
The system adopts a multi-CPU and multi-distribution architecture, which has high execution efficiency and can achieve high-speed, high-precision control. The CNC solution has the advantages of simple wiring, easy maintenance, and high processing efficiency, which completely changes the status quo of high cost of conventional CNC machine tools, complicated installation and wiring, and difficulty in achieving special control. At the same time, the system can provide a customized interface that can meet the diverse application needs of customers.

In the context of rising labor costs and rapid increase in production efficiency, equipment manufacturers continue to improve existing equipment and actively develop new special equipment. Delta’s five-axis CNC solutions are able to meet the control needs of customers in different applications, helping to achieve the transformation and upgrading of equipment, and constantly enhance their competitiveness. In the future, Delta will continue to focus on satisfying customers’ needs and develop and provide CNC solutions with superior performance and more stable systems for customers.

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