1: When repairing the micro-electric push rod, pay attention to the use of sharp utensils for disassembly and assembly, because the micro-electric push rod has many sophisticated electronic components inside, which can easily cause damage.
2: Micro-electric push rods must be removed after the circuit module is removed in the repair process, and the electronic components that are relatively easy to damage are also protected.
3: Because the miniature electric push rods are all relatively small parts, they are easy to be deformed and broken. Therefore, it is necessary to remember to use brute force during the maintenance process, so that the fracture cannot be repaired.
4: Before the maintenance process, please refer to the product manual, familiar with the shape and use of each component, and fault analysis, and operate in a non-magnetic, dry environment during maintenance.
5: After the repair is completed, assemble it, pay attention to the correct connection of the circuit to prevent short circuit leakage.

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