Module power supply installation and maintenance
As the types of power modules, series, and specifications of various modules manufactured by each company are difficult to count, their functional and physical characteristics are not the same, so they are different in terms of installation, use and maintenance, but they should be noticed in the following aspects .
(1) Open the package, you should carefully check whether the identity of the terminals with the instructions accompanied by the random, at the same time whether the requirements of the contract agreed. If not, should immediately contact with the production or sales unit to discuss ways to deal with.
(2) As the first step of the installation, the metal shell of the module power must be reliably grounded to ensure safety, but the shell should not be connected to the zero line by mistake.
(3) Before installing the power supply, you should check again and check the connections on the terminals to ensure that the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative, voltage and current values ​​are correct, Eliminate reverse, then the wrong phenomenon occurred.
(4) Generally, there are two or more “+” output terminals and “-” output terminals for high-power power supply. In fact, they belong to the same output electrode, but for the convenience of the user wiring, they are internal and connected together.
(5) The power module is not allowed to work at full capacity for a long time. The utilization rate of linear power supply should be controlled within 60%; the utilization rate of switching power supply should be controlled within 80%, otherwise it may cause man-made early failure of module power supply. (6) For the module power supply, some manufacturers leave the factory with a fixed resistance indirectly across the adjustable terminal (ADJ). Use the user with a corresponding value of the potentiometer to replace the fixed resistance. Note, however, that loading is never allowed when the adjustable terminals are open.
(7) In order to achieve sufficient cooling effect, the module power supply should be installed in a better position of air convection. General requirements for linear power supply operating current above 4A, or switching power supply operating current above 7A, the installation of forced air cooling. In addition, no other items are allowed on the module power housings.
(8) The module power supply is generally suitable for the resistive load, if you need to be used in capacitive or inductive load, should be described in the order contract in advance, made by the factory.
(9) For the high-voltage module power supply, do not touch the high-voltage danger zone within 10 minutes after using the power supply.
(10) Module power purchase principles: The general power of larger switching power supply options should be selected, the smaller the choice of linear power supply.
(11) The power module can not be forcibly removed, the demolitions are bad

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