Understand the shaft at the same time, you can know how he is processing and processing should pay attention to what the problem, these are in the process must be considered, the following Xingfeng yuan to tell you some of the reducer motor shaft processing Note:
1) In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the shaft, it should generally be roughed first, then finished and machined in multiple stages in stages. If necessary, the need to arrange semi-finishing processes, machine tools are also supporting.
2) center hole at both ends of the shaft, should try to use the standard center hole with a protective cone. It has 1200 conical surface for protection, suitable for multiple clamping shaft and rotor assembly use, not because of damage to the center hole shaft machining loss of precision. National standard shaft diameter greater than 6 mm, in order to use type B center hole. Both ends of the center hole should be used at the same time the standard center drill and special machine tool processing, in order to ensure the most quality.
3) Shaft on the keyway, groove, thread processing, the general should be finishing after the semi-finish machining before, so as to avoid the shaft after finishing by the greater cutting force, causing the shaft bending deformation.
4) In order to improve the cutting performance of the shaft and dimensional stability after processing, heat treatment procedures should be properly arranged before and after straightening, roughing and semi-finishing machining, and the type of heat treatment should be properly selected.
Stress relief annealing is generally performed after large curvature straightening. After straightening the coil, the stress of deformation can be eliminated. Normalizing is generally carried out before the rough car, the main purpose is to refine the metal grains, improve cutting performance. Quenching treatment is generally arranged after the rough car, after treatment, you can get a better overall mechanical properties. Haggard fire is generally carried out before the grinding process is to increase the shaft strength and hardness, improve wear resistance.
5) When processing the step axis, the processing technology positioning reference, the measurement of the benchmark should try to be consistent with the design standards on the product map, so that the allowance can be minimized, the processing technology is simple and improve the processing accuracy.

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