(1) Contents of equipment use procedures:

1. Equipment technical performance and allowable limit parameters, such as maximum load, pressure, temperature, voltage, current, etc.;

2. The requirements for equipment handover, two or three shifts of continuous operation equipment, the post personnel must hand over the equipment operation status, including: abnormal operation of the equipment, changes in original defects, changes in operating parameters, Failure and handling situation;

3. The steps of operating the device, including the preparation and operation sequence before the operation;

4. Provisions for emergency handling;

5. Safety precautions during use of the equipment, the operator of this position shall not operate the machine without approval, and no one shall arbitrarily remove or relax the safety protection device;

6. Elimination of faults during equipment operation.

(2) Contents of equipment maintenance procedures:

1. Equipment transmission diagram and electrical schematic diagram;

2. Equipment lubrication “five fixed” charts and requirements;

3. Provisions for regular cleaning;

4. Various inspection requirements during the use of the equipment, including route, location, content, standard condition parameters, period (time), inspectors, etc.;

5. Exclusion methods for common faults in operation;

6. The scrapping standard of the main wearing parts of the equipment;

7. Safety precautions.

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