Circuit board maintenance is divided into maintenance and no map maintenance. There are plans to repair the method is to refer to the schematic diagram, analysis of the circuit principle and signal direction, and then test the signal on the key points, this situation is easy to repair the circuit, but many industrial control board circuit board does not have a schematic, the manufacturer as confidential is not For general users.

Professional maintenance company, repair the circuit board is almost no map maintenance, I myself put the experience of the circuit board without repairs in the past few years and everyone also exchanges and hope to give instructions to you master.

A circuit board is composed of circuit boards, components, and software. I personally feel that it is important to maintain the ability of the maintenance personnel and repair tools when repairing the circuit board. It is very difficult for a modern circuit board to rely on one’s experience and lack the necessary tools to repair it. It is difficult to promote testing equipment such as on-line testers without paying attention to the quality of personnel.

The board that you faced during the repair process is not the same. But the basic idea is to find out if bad components are replaced and repaired. Then we are not on the board to replace all the elements that can be replaced on the line? I tried not to change finished, some components need to be debugged, pay attention to the overall effect.

With tools like on-line testers like mines, check each component for a good sign and compare it to the next VI curve. This can find partial faults but not necessarily all-around repairs, “because the chip passed by the in-circuit tester is not necessarily damaged; the chip passed through the test is not necessarily undamaged.” And not every component can be in the library Found that the machine board is constantly updated, so your testing tools also need to be updated.

The quality of maintenance personnel directly affects the success or failure of maintenance. In the absence of any schematics, a relatively unfamiliar circuit board is to be repaired. In addition to the deep knowledge of hardware, maintenance engineers who need a good understanding of the circuit principle and structure are required when he sees a piece. Unfamiliar circuit boards should be judged by carefully observing the hardware structure to determine the role of this board, asking the customer what kind of warnings the board installed on what machine.

When judging the function of a circuit board, it is necessary to construct the block diagram of the secondary circuit board in the mind. From the information analysis of the alarm, it is a failure of that link. It may be several components that are replaced and then tested. If you want to ask since the maintenance personnel are not so fierce to engage in design and maintenance, in fact, designing and repairing are all profitable. We treat the maintenance personnel better than the design, and it is also more challenging to do maintenance. In the face of different things, I still like to find the problem and fix it.

When repairing, the staff’s technique is also very important. Repairing the circuit board is a very delicate job. There are many components and circuit boards and it is easily damaged. Therefore, the operator must be very careful and need necessary tools such as jigs. Demolition, welding, etc. should be skillful to think about the entire work flow before hands-on, avoid unnecessary damage.

For a chip that has a program, backups can be backed up as much as possible, and no backups are allowed. If it is detected that the chip of the program is damaged, and no replacement or replacement chip is found, the circuit board cannot be repaired.

The inspection of circuit boards and components requires professional inspection tools, such as whether there are any broken wires inside the multi-layer circuit board and whether the components are soldered.

In addition to finding repairs for bad things, the hardest thing is to check if you have repaired and commissioned the machine. No matter how you do it, it will be installed on the machine tool, and the circuit board must be delivered to the customer. It is good that this must be sent before the previous machine test, our company purchased a large number of maintenance test bench, and according to the customer’s board simulation test to ensure that the circuit board sent to the customer can be used normally, without delay produce.

We sell and repair some imported precision measuring instruments, such as electronic in-circuit testers, logic analyzers, ICTs. If you are interested in repairing circuit boards, then maintenance tools and instruments are indispensable. You must be familiar with the hardware and look more. New components currently launched, and their applications. Because every upgrade of the circuit board is based on the hardware replacement. More hands-on repairs to complex circuit boards can continuously improve your maintenance capabilities.

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