FX-20P-E Handy Programming Panel (HPP) is suitable for FX series PLCs and can also be used for F series PLCs via converter FX-20P-E-FKIT.
FX-20P-E programmer with online (Online) and offline (Offline) two modes of operation.
(1) online programmer PLC program user memory for direct operation, access methods. When writing to the program, if the PLC is not installed EEPROM memory, the program written to the PLC internal RAM, if the PLC is equipped with EEPROM memory, the program written to the memory.
(2) Offline mode Offline mode is the access mode to the HPP internal memory. The programmed program is written to the internal RAM of the HPP and then transferred to the memory of the PLC in batches. Program transfers can also be made between the HPP and the ROM writer.

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