Inverter is a sophisticated electronic equipment, operating conditions have many restrictions, the use of the inverter there are many qualifications. The following summarizes the use of the inverter environment requirements:

No corrosive gases, vapors, dust and oily dust, direct sunlight.

No floating dust and metal particles place.

Ambient humidity 20% ~ 90% RH.

Vibration is less than 5.9m / s2 (0.6g)

No electromagnetic interference places.

Use the ambient temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃ above, please place in a well-ventilated place.

Non-standard environment, please use electric control box or remote control, must pay attention to ventilation and cooling.

The life expectancy of the inverter is related to the installation environment and the use thereof. However, even if it meets the requirements of the installation environment for a long time, the life of the electrolytic capacitor does not exceed 5 years and the life of the cooling fan is about 3 years. We recommend that you update or maintain the drive in advance.

Installation direction and space

In order for the cooling cycle to work well, the drive must be mounted vertically with sufficient space left and right and adjacent objects or baffles (walls).

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