Now many people think that the higher the encoder line, the higher the servo motor control accuracy, resulting in some people simply consider whether their own equipment control accuracy is not pure enough to pursue the servo motor with a high number of encoder lines . As everyone knows the main cost of servo motor lies in the encoder, the encoder accuracy is higher, the cost will be greater, for some people who do not know too wasting money.

Encoder engraved 10000; This is a false pursuit of ignorance, you buy high-priced 10000 engraved encoder, may not help you, but will give you a lot of trouble; Encoder category To be consistent with the properties of the servo motor: To be consistent with the properties of the servo motor DC servo motor encoder, engraved line with the number of slots to match the DC motor; AC servo motor encoder, engraved with AC motor poles , The number of phases match; purpose is engraved line is an integer multiple of the motor step, so encoded detection signal will be an integer, there will be no decimal, there will be no deviation; so-called incremental and absolute encoder, the difference is The former is only the second hand, there is no minute hand, hour hand the same timer.

The role of the encoder, mainly to detect the actual number of steps in the servo, the number of revolutions to wait, and can output the information required for actual operation, such as the starting position, steering……. The purpose of the system is to precisely control the position, displacement, speed, etc. of the driven workpiece. The accuracy of this control is precisely independent of how much the encoder is etched, as long as the encoder can accurately detect the number of steps.

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