Mitsubishi Electric’s small programmable controller MELSEC iQ-F series (FX5U series), with the basic performance of the upgrade, and drive the product connection, the software environment to improve the bright spot, as FX3U series upgrade products FX5U series of excellence is a grand come out.
As a strong support for customers, “manufacturing pioneer products” to meet the different customers from the stand-alone equipment control to the system control of the various needs. FX5U series is small and fine, compared with the previous product FX3U, the system bus speed greatly improved 150 times, the maximum expansion of 16 intelligent expansion module, built-in 2 into an analog function, built-in Ethernet interface and 4-axis 200kHz high-speed Positioning function. In programming, GX WORKS3 programming software intuitive graphical operation, through the FB module, reduce development time. The use of simple motion control positioning module through SSCNET III / N positioning control, can achieve a wealth of motion control.
We believe that the birth of new members will bring new vitality to the family members of servo, frequency converter, man-machine interface and small PLC, and will increase the productivity and productivity of end users.
Changes and challenges have been the goal of Mitsubishi Electric’s ongoing pursuit of new products coming to our market has brought more competitive advantage to meet the local needs of Mitsubishi small PLC products and the overall solution not only to enhance the level of China’s automation , Will soon become China’s industrial automation development path of the benchmark.

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