product description

Introducing the ML3015eX-F40 series of lasers for more comprehensive thickness processing, this is a truly high-efficiency, low-cost, high-quality machine.

The ML3015eX-F40 laser processing machine has three important features:

1. More excellent processing characteristics: (Fast × Excellent)

The unique application technology of Mitsubishi Electric and the organic fusion of fiber optic oscillators,

Extend the processing range of fiber laser to the field of thick plates and make them excellent in quality.


2, the use of operation is more convenient: (Flexibility × Easy to use)

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique laser processing machine control technology makes the machine operation more user-friendly, comfortable and convenient, and can flexibly cope with the complicated situation of various processing sites.

3. Nearly perfect energy saving method: (Fine × Ecology)

Mitsubishi Electric’s lasers focus on energy conservation, and Mitsubishi Electric’s fiber lasers save energy and auxiliary gas consumption to a higher level of energy efficiency.

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