The M800/M80 series CNC is equipped with the CNC dedicated CPU developed by Mitsubishi Electric. The processing capacity of the small line segment reaches 270K block/minute, and the PLC processing capacity reaches 26.0PCMIX, which is the world leader and greatly shortens the processing time. With the 4th generation SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control and a new generation of spline curve function, vibration is greatly reduced, and machining accuracy and processing quality are improved. For the lathe, new functions such as subroutine control II and spindle overlap control have been introduced to realize the simultaneous execution of some processes and further shorten the processing time.

The M8 series launched this time are touch screen design, which can be used as a touch screen operation of a smart phone without the need for cumbersome keyboard operation. The M800W series incorporates a 19-inch touch screen, allowing customers to customize application functions such as software operator panels and document displays. At the same time, for users who have used the M7 series, the M8 new interface requires no training and can be easily used. Numerous designs such as ECC storage, de-hardening, new remote I/O unit communication protocols, fan/insulation/power detection, etc., greatly improve maintenance and environmental resistance.

In response to the advent of the era of big data, the introduction of fieldbuses such as MES interfaces and EtherNet/IP has made it possible to easily interconnect with various devices, enhancing the visualization of on-site information.

The new M800/M80 series monitors are mounted from the front and rear from the rear. They also use a 9.5mm ultra-thin screen and keyboard. They are gray-scale color matching, easy to match with various color machines, aesthetic and easy to use. Both.

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