product description

Easy backlight replacement
Backlight has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, is more replaceable, and has an automatic light-off function
Excellent acid resistance environment
Environmental performance such as dust resistance, water resistance and oil resistance equivalent to IP65F
With all the functions of the operation panel
Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese characters can be displayed through menu settings
You can change the size of the key at each point to display the system screen
Security function Screen display for operator level
Protect those screens that can only be viewed without operation. According to the different usage purposes of ordinary operators, production line supervisors, maintenance staff, system designers, etc., the screens displayed can be restricted.
Data transfer can reduce the use of PLC’s data registers
Initial setting of machine processing data, positioning movement distance, etc. Save PLC operation results.
Clock function
You can specify that the specified device is ON during a certain period
Printer output
Connect the printer to the RS232C interface on the F940GOT to print the sampling results and alarm records.
In order to protect the PLC program, you can set a password, you can enter the prohibition of reading, and the prohibition of read / write password.
The PLC sequence program with built-in FX-10P function is easy to debug and maintain.
Through the instruction list program form equivalent to the FX-10P handheld programming panel, the program read / write / insert / delete / monitor functions are completed in F940GOT.

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