Product introduction:
Protect your motor from risk. Use the 10AF to 35AF CAN terminals for easy and safe wiring. Surge absorbers can be embedded in models with 35AF or lower. For 50AF or higher models, AC-operated DC electromagnetic excitation can be used to control surges.
product description

●Open type irreversible motor starter

Suitable for motor start and stop switching as well as anti-burn protection.

Standard models that meet Japanese and many international standards.


●Open type reversible motor starter

Suitable for forward or reverse rotation of AC motors, such as conveyor lines.

With mechanical interlocking, safety is better.


●Mechanical locking motor starter

A mechanical latching relay is used to maintain constant power even when the power is turned off.

Suitable for distribution boards, memory circuits for building core systems, and other uses.


● Delay-on magnetic contactor

The discharge continues through the capacitor during a momentary power down to allow the electricity to continue to flow for 1-4 seconds.

Continuous load control is enabled when power is restored.


●Closed motor starter

The motor starter is enclosed in the case to prevent electric shock or dust accumulation.

Equipped with buttons for easy opening and closing.


●Motor starter with dedicated thermal overload relay

The product lineup features a motor that protects for long start times or low heat capacity.

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