Mitsubishi touch screen F940G0T-BWD-C has replaced the model? What changes need to change it?
Mitsubishi touch screen F940G0T-BWD-C is now discontinued, you can use GT1050-QBBD this is replaced, are 5.7-inch, 2-color. The two software is different, F940 DU software is used, GTT1050 JT-DESIGN (design) software, the need to use JT software to export the DU software can convert it!

GT10 series touch screen related

GT1030 Mitsubishi touch screen how to use USB for data transmission?
Use USB to 232 cable + QC30R2 connection, pay attention to the software to select the appropriate COM port

Mitsubishi touch screen suddenly power off, after what action?
Instantaneous power-down <5ms, continue to action. Long time power outage, when the voltage is low, the touch screen action to stop; restore will automatically restart after power on.

Mitsubishi touch screen LCD with bright spots, black spots, and flashing, is not the touch screen is not good?
Mitsubishi touch screen has bright spots (has been lit) and black spots (not lit) occurs is the characteristics of the LCD screen. LCD screen has a lot of display components, it can not guarantee that 100% does not appear bright spots and black spots. In addition, depending on the display color, a blink may appear. There are bright spots, black spots or blinking, not the product is not good or fault, but its characteristics.

How to monitor communication among the Mitsubishi touch screen system menu?
You can enter the system menu by touching the top and bottom corners of the screen at the same time, then touch ‘Communication Settings’, then touch ‘Communication Monitoring’, where the white part on the black background indicates that no transmission or reception is performed.

Mitsubishi touch screen touch positioning is not accurate, how to calibrate?
Enter the touch screen system menu settings interface, select the ‘calibration’ menu, precise click on the [+] number until you return to the menu settings interface

Mitsubishi touch screen utility menu method of starting.
1. Without engineering data, after power-on, touch OK to display the utility menu.
2. When the screen is displayed, the default factory setting is to touch the upper left corner to display the utility menu. 3. Set the expansion function switch on the screen, select Utility, to display the utility menu.

How to use the Mitsubishi touch screen window pops up automatically?
Assign a value to the window switching device, and specify the number of the specified popup window.

GT10 series Mitsubishi touch screen can simulate it
The use of GT Simulator3 new software can be simulated, the software version needs more than 1.22Y support.

Which of the different device alarms can be used in the alarm history display?
No, because in the common settings of GT10 series alarm log devices of Mitsubishi Touch Panel, only the continuous mode can be selected for the device settings, and the random mode can not be selected. Therefore, only continuous devices can be selected for the alarm log display function.

The ladder in the key code switch shows why pressing is invalid?
GT10 series Mitsubishi touch screen ladder does not monitor the function.

When the bit device is ON or OFF, can you switch between different screens?
When the Mitsubishi touch screen bit device is ON or OFF, you can switch between different screens respectively. Screen switching is done by assigning values ​​to screen switching devices, and screen switching devices are word devices. You can set the condition bit device status in the condition monitoring function and assign a fixed value to the screen switching device during operation.

How to enter the value of the text corresponding to the text?
Answer: The text to be displayed is registered in the comment or comment group. Then use the comment display (word) to display the function of the comment corresponding to the value of the word device.

How to install Mitsubishi touch screen GT10 basic OS, communication driver OS?
Answer: Press and hold the lower right corner, power on. The installation screen will appear, through the software to install the basic OS, communication driver OS

How to make the installation screen of install os on Mitsubishi touch screen GT1030-LBL-C?
Answer: Press the lower right corner of the power

Mitsubishi touch screen GT12 series

Mitsubishi touch screen GT12 MODBUS can communicate with the PLC?
Answer: You can connect standard devices that support MODBUS / RTU protocol

How to set the year and month devices in trend recording?
Answer: The value of “year” will be displayed in the device operation, the lower 4 bits of mask, AND FF00, and the right 8 bits. The value of “month” will be displayed in the device operation, the mask is 4 digits high, AND 00FF.

Mitsubishi touch screen using multi-point connection can connect up to how long?
Answer: Including the multi-point serial connection module (GT01-CRS4-M) and the maximum distance between the PLC can be extended by 500 meters

Mitsubishi touch-screen switch can enter the value?
Answer: The data write switch can be used to input the fixed value or indirect device value into the current device, but can not realize the pop-up value input keyboard input value.

Mitsubishi touch screen GT12 cable how to connect the manual to find?
Answer: GT12 series is an upgraded version of the GT11 series, GT12 series of cables according to the GT11 series of search. GT12 series have Ethernet interface, Ethernet connection, according to GT15 series can be found.

Mitsubishi touch screen matrix impedance mode and analog impedance mode difference?
Answer: Mitsubishi touch screen panel has 2 kinds, analog (matrix impedance mode) and digital (analog impedance mode). Analog: You can press 2 points at the same time, the accuracy is poor. Positioning block digital quantity: Only 1 point can be pressed. If you press 2 points, the touch screen can not judge the specific point. It is mistakenly considered as a regional center.

Mitsubishi touch screen overlap window and overlay window What is the difference?
Answer: Overlap window is the pop-up window in the basic screen. You can move and close the window manually. The superimposed window is a composite display window in the basic screen. Overlay window and overlay window can only display 2 windows at the same time.

Mitsubishi touch screen GT12 can touch more at the same time?
Answer: No, the touch panel method of GT12 series is analog resistive film mode, and press the two points on the display at the same time. If there is a switch near the center of the press, it may cause the switch to operate.

Mitsubishi touch screen exit set the password screen, re-enter the screen how to still need to enter the password?
Answer: The screen will switch out of the security screen to switch to multi-action switch. Set two actions, respectively, set the word device for the security level of the device, the fixed value is set to 0, the security level is returned to 0; and the basic switch, fill in the required return screen number.

Mitsubishi touch screen GT15 / GT16 series

Consult Mitsubishi GT16 RS422 touch screen serial specialties?
Answer: is a special interface. Requires 422 interface for GT16-C02R4-9S (9-pin) or GT16-C02R4-25S (25-pin).

Mitsubishi touch screen GT16 series of multimedia features set of operations and support for multimedia file formats?
Answer: 1. Add GT16M-MMR CF card 2. Enter the main menu – video settings or extended function button inside the multimedia can enter the menu Supported formats: MP4 and 3GP

What is the difference between time notification and time adjustment in the Mitsubishi touch screen clock settings?
Answer: The time notification is to use the touch screen to adjust the time of the connected PLC, so the battery to save its time. Time adjustment is by the PLC to adjust the touch screen time.

Mitsubishi GT15-75J61BT13-Z and GT15-J61BT13 What is the difference?
Answer: GT15-75J61BT13-Z is used in CCLINK Ver.1 mode, which consists of A8GT-61BT13 and GT15-76IF900; GT15-J61BT13 is compatible with CCLINK Ver.2 mode. The former has been discontinued.

The difference between the file save mode and the buffer record mode?
Answer: File saving mode: Used for storing a large amount of log data in the memory card. The saved log data can be saved on the PC after the Unicode clerical / CSV file is saved. Buffering Recording Mode: Multi-Purpose Edge Collecting High-Speed ​​Logs Appears in the GOT. Because the use of cache (RAM) will disappear after power failure.

GT15 / GT16 series Mitsubishi touch screen area how to adjust?
Answer: In case of GT15: system menu screen -GOT setting-operation setting-touch screen to adjust setting, and then coordinate adjustment. In the case of GT16: System menu screen – Body function setting – Operation Adjust the setting on the touch panel and then adjust the coordinates.

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