Mitsubishi touch screen common models:
Mitsubishi touch screen came to China for more than 20 years of history, and now the main use of the market are: GT1150 series, GT1155 series, GT1175 series, GT1575 series, GT1585 series, GT1595 series, A970GOT series, A975GOT series, A985GOT series, F930GOT series, F940GOT series.
Mitsubishi touch screen repair:
1. Mitsubishi inverter touch screen backlight does not light so that the treatment of maintenance
First: check the line is normal power, nowhere to check whether the virtual solder or tin burned IC.
Second: power check whether the LED light burned.
Around the backlight is positive and negative line check it, this is a relatively simple problem check method.
2. Mitsubishi touch screen can not enter the interface so maintenance
3. Mitsubishi touch screen no display, brightness can not see (black, Huaping, white) so maintenance
4. Mitsubishi touch screen LCD display vertical bar, bar, multi-screen so maintenance
5. Mitsubishi touch screen communication is not on, boot half of the move, boot can not enter the program repair so maintenance
6. Mitsubishi touch screen can not touch, half can touch half can not touch, touch screen can not be calibrated so maintenance
7. Mitsubishi touch screen without backlight so maintenance
So to solve the above Mitsubishi touch screen maintenance problems, to the industrial speed, please the most professional engineers to help you busy.
Mitsubishi touch screen common fault and repair processing
Fault 1: Mitsubishi touch screen touch deviation
Phenomenon: The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.
Analysis: After the installation of the driver, in the calibration position, there is no vertical touch the middle of the bull’s-eye position. Remedy: Recalibrate the position.
Fault two: Mitsubishi touch screen touch deviation
Phenomenon: some areas touch accurate, part of the regional touch is biased.
Analysis: surface acoustic wave touch screen around the sound reflection on the fringes above the accumulation of a lot of dust or scale, affecting the transmission of sound waves caused by the signal.
Treatment: clean the touch screen, with particular attention to the four sides of the touch screen sound reflection stripes clean, clean the touch screen control card power supply should be disconnected.
Trouble three: Mitsubishi touch screen touch no response
Phenomenon: When the screen touches the mouse arrow without any action, no position changes have occurred.
Analysis: cause this phenomenon for many reasons, the following one by one description:
(1) surface acoustic wave touch screen around the sound waves on the edge of the accumulation of dust or scale is very serious, resulting in the touch screen can not work;
(2) Mitsubishi touch screen failure;
(3) Mitsubishi touch screen control card failure;
(4) Mitsubishi touch screen signal line failure;
(5) the computer host serial port failure;
(6) the computer’s operating system failure;
(7) Mitsubishi touch screen driver installation error.

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