There are many models of Mitsubishi touch screens. There are more than 100 models of the three GOT1000, GOT2000 and GS2000 models, and each has its own functions. It is not easy to make a selection decision! Therefore, the selection of Mitsubishi touch screen is not only a technical activity, but also a very time consuming process. This article summarizes the skills of 10 Mitsubishi touch screen selection, and hopes to help you save time! Improve work efficiency.

1, GT1155-QSBD can not completely replace GT1155-QSBD, the difference is that the “Q” in GT1155-QSBDQ means the built-in Q bus connection module, if the customer does not use the Q bus connection module, you can replace it with GT1155-QSBD.

2, GT1155-QSBDA can not completely replace the GT1155-QSBD difference in the GT1155-QSBDA “A” means that the A bus connection module, if the customer does not use the A bus connection module can be replaced with GT1155-QSBD.

3, GT2308-VNBA does not support BUS bus, GT23 does not support BUS bus, GT27 support.

4, GT1695M-XTBA and GT1695M-XTBD input power is not the same, GT1695M-XTBA is AC220V, GT1695M-XTBD is DC24V, the other is exactly the same.

5, Mitsubishi touch screen editing program software uses GT Works3 software

6, GT1055-QSBD-C and GT1055-QSBD are both produced in Japan; -C is for the Chinese market, China sales meaning, the difference between the two GT1055-QSBD has a battery; and -C does not have a battery, such as customers Battery required for battery-related functions, model GT11-50BAT

  1. GT1665HS-QTBD is a hand-held touch screen with a special 42-pin interface. It needs to be converted into a common interface for normal use. The basic accessories are: GT16H-C30-42P (3m extension cable) + GT16H -CNB-42S (connection conversion box)

1) Connection with FX PLC requires additional communication line: GT01-C30R4-8P (all accessories: GT16H-C30-42P + GT16H-CNB-42S + GT01-C30R4-8P)

2) Connection with Q PLC requires additional communication line: GT01-C30R2-6P (all accessories: GT16H-C30-42P + GT16H-CNB-42S + GT01-C30R2-6P)

10, GT1155HS-QSBD/GT1150HS-QLBD handheld touch screen and FX or Q PLC connection accessories and communication lines are:

1) Connection with FX 1: GT11H-C30-37P (3m extension cable) + GT11H-CNB-37S (connection conversion box) + GT01-C30R4-8P (FX communication line)

2) Connection with FX 2: GT11H-C30-37P (3m extension cable) + GT11H-C15R4-8P (1.5m conversion FX communication line)

3) and Q connection method 1: GT11H-C30-37P (3m extension cable) + GT11H-CNB-37S (connection conversion box) + GT01-C30R2-6P (Q communication line)

4) and Q connection method 2: GT11H-C30-37P (3m extension cable) + GT11H-C15R2-6P (1.5m conversion Q communication line)

GT15-MESB48M Can this be used instead of GT15-QFNB48BM?

This depends on the specific use;

If it is the memory expansion/multi-channel function/document display function/ladder monitoring function/SFC monitoring function/ladder editing function for the GT15 screen, the two functions can be replaced by each other;

If it is used for MES interface function expansion, you must use GT15-MESB48M, you can not use GT15-QFNB48BM instead.

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