First, set, rotor core troubleshooting, the rotor is stacked from each other insulated silicon steel is the magnetic circuit part of the motor. Set, the main reason for the rotor core failure are the following. ① bearing a long time, excessive wear and tear, resulting in stator and rotor phase friction, so that the core surface damage, resulting in short-circuit between the silicon steel, motor iron loss increases, the motor temperature rise is too high, then the application of fine files and other tools to remove Burr, the elimination of short-cut silicon steel, cleaned and painted with insulating paint, and heated to dry. ② remove the old winding force is too large, so that inverted slot outward skewed. At this point the application of small nose pliers, wood hammer and other tools to be trimmed, the alveolus reset, and in the bad reset the gap between the silicon steel sheet joined green shell paper, bakelite and other hard insulating material. ③ due to moisture and other causes of corrosion of the core surface, this time need to use sandpaper polished clean, painted with insulating paint. ④ due to high temperature winding ground burned iron core or tooth department. Available chisel or scraper and other tools to remove the sediment clean, coated with insulation  drying. ⑤ between the iron core and the fixed loose, can be re-fixed. If the positioning screw can not be used, re-positioning, tighten the set screw
Second, the motor bearing troubleshooting shaft rotation through the bearing support is the heaviest part of the load, but also easy to wear parts.
1. Troubleshooting Check during operation: Rolling bearings less oil, according to experience to determine the sound is normal, if the sound is not normal may be the cause of bearing rupture. If the bearings in the sand and other debris, there will be noise phenomenon. After disassembly inspection: Check whether the bearing wear marks, and then pinch the bearing inner ring, and the bearings set aside, the other hand forced push the outer ring, if the bearing is good, the outer ring should be stable, rotating No vibration and obvious signs of stagnation, the phenomenon of no backsliding after the bearing stall, indicating that the bearings have been scrapped, the need for timely replacement. Left hand stuck outer ring, the right hand pinch the inner ring, and then promote the bearing, if you can easily turn, is severely worn.
2 fault repair bearing surface rust with emery cloth for processing, and then can use gasoline smear; or bearing cracks or excessive wear occurs when the timely replacement of new bearings. When replacing a new bearing, make sure that the new bearing type meets the requirements.
Third, spindle troubleshooting
1. Shaft bending If the degree of bending is not large, you can use grinding methods for trimming; if the bending more than 0.2mm, you can borrow the press for dressing, the surface will be polished to restore the original can be; if the bending is too large, Can not be trimmed, to be promptly replaced.
2. Axial wear and tear When the shaft wear is not big, can be plated on the journal a layer of chromium, and then polished to the required size; wear more serious, you can use surfacing, and then window trim to the standard size; Axial wear to the point where it can not be trimmed, we must consider replacement.
3. Axis cracks or rupture shaft transverse crack depth does not exceed 10% to 15% of the shaft diameter, longitudinal cracks do not exceed 10% of the shaft length, you can surfacing, and then trimmed to meet the standards. If the cracks and cracks are too serious, consider replacing.
4, chassis and end cover overhaul The gap between the chassis and end cover can be overlay welding and trimming methods, such as the bearing cover with loose, you can use the punch trimming, and then into the end cover , For high-power motor, you can use plating and other ways to carry out trimming. Routine maintenance is important to reduce and prevent the motor from failing in operation, the most important of which is to strengthen the tour inspection and eliminate any root causes of any anomalies. Serious accident analysis and countermeasures after accidents should be the technical work that is necessary to reduce the number of accidents and reduce the workload of inspection and improve the operating efficiency of the motor.

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