OMRON (OMRON) company’s PLC products, large, medium, small, micro specifications complete. The microcomputer is represented by SP series, its body is small and the speed is very fast. Minicomputers are P, H, CPM1A series, CPM2A series, CPM2C, CQM1 and so on. P has now been replaced by a more expensive CPM1A series, CPM2A/2C and CQM1 series built-in RS-232C interface and real-time clock, and has a soft PID function, CQM1H is an upgraded product of CQM1. C200H, C200HS, medium C200HX, C200HG, C200HE, CS1 series. C200H is a high performance medium a few years ago, selling, I/O module and high function module configuration is complete, with strong communication and network function. C200HS is an upgraded product of C200H, the instruction system is more abundant and the network function is more powerful. C200HX /HG/HE is an upgraded product of C200HS, with 1148 I/O points, its capacity is 2 times of C200HS, the speed is 3.75 times of C200HS, and there is a full range of communication modules, it is to adapt to the information PLC products. CS1 series of medium size, large machine function, is a new model with market value. Mainframe has C1000H, C2000H, CV (CV500 / CV1000 / CV2000 / CVM1) and so on. C1000H and C2000H can be single or double hot standby operation, the installation of electric plug module, C2000H I/O module can be replaced online; CV series except for CVM1, can be used in structured programming, easy to read, easy to debug, and communication are more powerful.

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