1 internal relay
PLC internal relay and input and output relays, they can not be driven by external signals, can not directly drive external devices, but can be controlled by the various controllers in the controller to drive. Internal relays include
1. Internal auxiliary relay (AR)
2. Keep the relay (HR)
3. temporary relay (TR)
4. Data Storage Relay (DM)
2 dedicated internal auxiliary
Series P Type C has 16 dedicated internal auxiliary relay (1808 ~ 1907), which are left and right byte 18 byte internal auxiliary relay channels and 19 channels are used to indicate the operating state of the programmable controller, As well as the generation of pulses and some special treatment for PLC.
3 timer, counter
The C Series P-type machines offer 48 timers or 48 counters, or a combination of a total of 48 timers and counters.
Timers and counters numbered TIMOO ~ TIM47 or CNTOO ~ CNT47, when the number assigned to the timer and counter, the two numbers must be different, for example, can have both TIM03 timer counter CNT03.
When the power is turned off, the timer is reset and the counter is not reset and has a power-down protection function.

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