Siemens PLC and Panasonic PLC input and output are different, Panasonic PLC input only X, the output is only Y.

In fact, the language is interlinked, that is, different methods, the two can be converted to each other.

1. Different programming software

Siemens offers many kinds of programming softwares for SIMATIC series PLC, mainly including STEPMICRO / DOS and STEPMICRO / WIN; STEPmini; standard package STEP7.

S7 series PLC programming language is very rich, LAD, STL, SCL, GRAPH, HIGRAPH, CFC and so on. Users can choose a language programming, if necessary, can also be mixed with several languages ​​programming.

2. program structure

Program structure is mainly applicable to S7-3000 and S7-400, he has three kinds of programming methods, such as linear programming, step-by-step programming and structured programming.

FPI series programmable logic controller is Japan’s Matsushita Electric Corporation’s small PLC products.

FPI programming software and command system

Programming method

NPST-GR provides three kinds of programming methods: ladder method; statement form and statement expression.

2. Annotation function

NPST-GR can add comments for I / O relays and output points, allowing users to see the use of relays and relays at a glance.

3. program check

NPST-GR can find grammatical mistakes in the program and program verification

4. Monitoring

NPST-GR can monitor user-generated programs and run tests. Users can check the relay, register and PLC work status, convenient debugging and modification.

System register settings

NPST-GR can set the contents of N0.0-N0.418 system registers, according to the prompt message to select or input, simple and convenient.

6.I / O and remote I / O address assignment

Use NPST-GR to assign I / O and remote I / O addresses to each slot on the host board

Data Management

Data management program or data can be saved for data backup, or stored in the PLC before the data transfer, both in the programming application is the Siemens is a single bus, and Japan’s Matsushita is a double bus;

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