As a mechanical auxiliary operating element Panasonic servo motor, when you want to change the parameters of the servo controller, but do not know where to start, the following Xiaobian to teach you about Panasonic servo motor inversion method.

Panasonic servo motor how to reverse as follows:

1. Select the appropriate control method (speed control, torque control, position control).

2. The speed control and torque control are realized by connecting an analog voltage to the 14 pins of the control port. Under these two control modes, the polarity of the analog voltage can be changed.

3. Or maintain the polarity of the original analog voltage, modify the parameter value Pr51 in the speed control mode, and modify the pr5D value in the torque control mode.

4. The position control mode is controlled by inputting a certain frequency pulse to the control port, mainly according to the setting value of pr42, and different changes occur. When pr42 is equal to 0 or 2, it is necessary to change the sequence of AB two pulses. The sequence servo system can only be changed. When Pr=1, it is necessary to change the port number of the pulse addition. When Pr=3, the polarity of the command level (SIGN signal) needs to be changed.

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