In the case of long-term use, the power distribution cabinet will malfunction to varying degrees. However, some faults can be avoided or the loss can be reduced. This requires us to maintain and be proficient in the use of safety methods during use. Boguang Electric has its own set of methods for how to use the power distribution cabinet safely.

First, hierarchical management, each responsible. The power distribution equipment power department shall number, register, file, classify, and clarify the responsibility of each low-voltage distribution box, and conduct technical inspection and measurement on the distribution box regularly. If any problems are found, they shall be promptly excluded. Reduce accidents and be responsible to consumers.

Second, when the power distribution box is inspected regularly, the maintenance electrician should conduct a comprehensive inspection. If the components in the distribution box are found to have severe heat, the cause of the heat should be ascertained, and the wiring should be tightened in time. In addition, if there is dust, debris, etc. in the distribution box, it should be cleaned in time to keep the distribution box clean and tidy.

Third, the environment around the distribution box should be kept clean and tidy. Distribution box repairs or operators cannot stack, hang work supplies or other items within 1.2 meters in front of the distribution box door. In addition, there is no water accumulation around the distribution box, which may cause electric shock accidents, and non-professional electricians are not allowed to disassemble and assemble the electrical components in the electric box.

Fourth, the operation of the distribution box should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures. During the use of the distribution box, the load should be tightened with a load. Otherwise, a large arc burns the distribution components or the operator of the distribution box can be burned and burned.

The specific steps are as follows: The responsibilities of the maintenance group of the Electromechanical Installation and Maintenance Engineering Department will be comprehensively inspected and maintained every six months, and the maintenance work will be completed with the shortest power outage time.

  1. Preparation:

A. Notify the tenants of the start and end of the power outage the day before the power outage of the power distribution cabinet.

B. Do all the preparatory work before the power outage, especially the preparation of the tools should be complete; and complete the maintenance work with the shortest power outage time.

2, maintenance procedures:

A. Perform segmented maintenance and maintain the security load section first.

B. Stop the security load, and the rest of the load will be supplied to the mains as usual. Disconnect the air switch for the security load mains, disconnect the generator air switch, set the generator selector switch to the stop position, disassemble the battery positive and negative lines, and hang the nameplate to prevent the generator from transmitting power.

C. Check whether there is any deformation at the busbar joint, whether there is any blackening of the discharge, and tighten the bolts. If the bolts are rusted, they should be replaced to ensure that the joints are tightly connected. Check the insulation on the mother for looseness and damage.

D. Use the handle to shake the total air out of the power distribution cabinet, check whether the main contacts have burnt marks, check whether the arc extinguishing cover is black and damaged, tighten the wiring screws, clean the dust inside the cabinet, and test the mechanical joint. Gate and opening situation

E. Take out the sub-switch cabinets from the drawer cabinet and tighten the terminals. Check the installation and wiring of current transformers, ammeters, and watt-hour meters, check the flexible reliability of the handle operating mechanism, tighten the air switch in and out, and clean the dust in the switchgear and the lead wire behind the power distribution cabinet.

F. When servicing the capacitor cabinet, first disconnect the capacitor main switch, discharge the capacitors one by one with 10MM2 or more wires, and then check whether the contactor, capacitor wiring screw and grounding device are good, check whether the capacitor has swelling phenomenon, and use The vacuum cleaner cleans the cabinet from dust.

G. After the maintenance of the security load section is completed, the generator can be started to supply power to the mains.

H. Disconnect the low-pressure side air switch step by step, then disconnect the high-voltage side vacuum circuit breaker for the transformer, close the grounding switch, and suspend the “no switch, no work” sign.

I. After all the requirements of C, D, E, and F are required to maintain the power distribution cabinet, remove the safety device, disconnect the high-voltage side grounding switch, close the vacuum circuit breaker, observe the transformer is put into operation, and then go to the low-voltage power distribution cabinet. The power is transmitted from the stage, and the security load is converted from the generator power supply to the mains power supply.

3, safety precautions

A. After the power failure, the electricity should be checked.

B. When the power distribution cabinet is maintained in sections, an isolation device shall be installed at the junction of the live and unpowered distribution cabinets.

C. When operating the high-voltage side vacuum circuit breaker, wear insulated boots, wear insulated gloves, and have special personnel supervision.

  1. When servicing the capacitor cabinet, it is strictly forbidden to touch before the capacitor is discharged to the ground.
  2. Before the power is sent, check whether the tools are left in the power distribution cabinet.
  3. Relevant documents and records
  4. Inspection work tickets;
  5. Annual maintenance records of power distribution cabinets and control cabinets;
  6. Equipment maintenance records.

If you can follow the above steps carefully and stick to it, it will greatly reduce the incidence of failures in the use of the power distribution cabinet.

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