Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Try To Establish A Global Supply System For Electric Field & Industry Automation

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a company that is involved in the distribution of industry automation and electric field. The company is based in China. It was founded in the year 2005 and has been able to establish a global supply system.

Press Release

China. 24th July 2017: In modern times the economy has been functioning on the key factors of demand and supply of goods and services. However, there are a number of people who play important roles in all economic transactions, such as the manufacturer, the distributor, the wholesaler, the retailer, etc. They work in their own capacities for the smooth functioning of the complex process of transactions that take place simultaneously. The domains of industry automation and electric goods are a part of the larger economy. They are in a dynamic process as they make advancements in technology and are upgraded from time to time.

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a distributor in the fields of electric goods and industry automation. The company has an overseas experience if 10 years and caters to its customers across the world. They work with some of the world famous brands. It has been able to establish a global supply system because of which they have gained a reputation for being consistent and reliable. They seek to build communication between themselves and their partners on the basis of culture, technology and information. Some of the brands they deal with include Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, SICK, Pro-face, fanuc, Schneider, Fuji, etc.

The company presents its exclusive range of photoelectric switch. The wide variety of switches includes E2K-F10MC1, e2k-c25mf1, Omron photoelectric switches, etc. For checking out each of their switches, customers can visit their website. It features all the details along with specifications.

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd also distributes temperature controller. These are available in different capacities and come with various specifications as per the requirement of the consumers. The range of temperature controllers includes E5CN-Q2MT-500, e5cn-c2t, Omron temperature controllers, etc.

The company is also involved in the distribution of Omron plc. The range offered by them includes products such as CP1E-N40DR-D, c200-hw-bc101-v1, Omron plc, etc. Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is backed by its workers who have many years of experience in their field. They are committed to provide the beast services to their customers within affordable prices, so as to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

The details and descriptions of all the products and services provided by the company are available on the company’s website. Customers can also send in enquiries by contacting the company’s representatives in case of any doubts.

About Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a distributor of industry automation and electric goods. It was founded in 2005 and it is based in China. To know more about the company, please visit their official website.

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