The AGV is the abbreviation of the automatic guided vehicle. It is an automatic guiding device with electromagnetic and optical equipment. It can travel according to the established route and is used for logistics transportation or cargo transportation in the workshop. It plays a very important role in various production enterprises. Important role. So what are the significant advantages of the automated guided vehicle system over other logistics systems?

The first is its intelligent program control system. After the computerized programming and system control, the automatic guided vehicle can complete a series of autonomous control according to the given instructions under the supervision of the computer, and reach the designated place according to the prescribed route, which has very strong maneuverability. For transportation routes, the setup is simple, flexible, and does not require too much setup cost.

Secondly, the automatic guided vehicle system has a very strong station identification capability and high-precision positioning capability relative to the general logistics system, so that the equipment can be assisted for better operation and control management, and the running accuracy is improved. In addition, it has the ability to coordinate with other equipment, and can control the entire logistics and transportation process through the instruction of the dispatch management system with the support of the communication system.

In addition, the loading platform of the automatic guided vehicle system has various mounting structures and loading and unloading modes, and can be flexibly set according to different production requirements, and can meet different products, different shipping requirements, and different processing needs. This further illustrates that it has better adaptability than other logistics systems.

The automatic guided vehicle system can also be equipped with a variety of sound and light alarm systems. The function of the device is that when the automatic guided vehicle can detect the surrounding environment during operation, it can sense nearby obstacles and can touch it. Automatically stop before obstacles to avoid damage to themselves and the goods. In addition, even if there are multiple transport teams running in the same area, the collision-free ability can prevent mutual contact. Such intelligent devices can greatly improve the safety performance of the transportation process.

The automatic guided vehicle system uses a DC power supply device, which generates almost no noise during operation, does not cause pollution to the surrounding environment, and can improve the production environment.

Compared with other logistics systems, the automatic guided vehicle system may have a large investment in the early stage, but in the long-term operation process, the automatic guided vehicle can greatly reduce the running cost and greatly improve the production efficiency. In general, the automatic guided vehicle is used. Still very economical and practical.

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