Generally speaking, the switch is generally referred to as an Ethernet switch (excluding telecom program-controlled switches, otherwise the explanation is too complicated).

Ethernet switches are generally classified into: commercial (Ethernet) switches, industrial (Ethernet) switches, and home (Ethernet) switches.

Commercial switches are generally used in enterprise office networks and other occasions. The general form is rack-mounted. It is installed in the enterprise computer room and usually requires high reliability, and can operate 24 hours a day without interruption. The features are larger bandwidth and more interfaces. Major brands: Cisco, H3C, Huawei, etc.

Industrial switches are generally used in industrial production applications. They usually have a variety of appearances and installations. According to different applications, they are required to be waterproof, dustproof, earthquake-proof, and electromagnetic-resistant. Of course, the reliability requirements are also high, and the 24-hour long-term uninterrupted operation is also required. . Some automatic control applications require low forwarding delays, and some require redundant power supplies, DC24V power supplies, and so on.

Home switch is not much now, do not introduce more, common brand TP-link, D-link and so on.

Industrial control switch is not a standard name, it is commonly known as it. Switches used in the industrial control industry are often industrial switches.

Standards are industrial computers, program-controlled switches, and switches. These are three things.

IPCs are industrial PCs, or variants of PCs, and are primarily used to run special programs.

Program-controlled switches, this is very simple, is the telephone exchange, the company needs to install the switchboard and extension, then you need this.

Of course, the switch is used by PCs. Ethernet is a standard network protocol. All the networks we use today are Ethernet structures. All switches and Ethernet switches are the same thing. Generally, they will not be called as such. As for the industrial switch, it should be a managed switch that is different from home. In fact, this type of product is not so clearly defined, and now the network management switch is also 2 to 300, home is no problem.

The other is working hours, and the general industry supports 7*24, but now household appliances are often always uninterrupted, so it is not so clear.

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