The man-machine interface is a platform for people to operate PLC.The platform provides a program and human interface.It is a medium and computer communication between the media and dialogue interface, is an important part of the computer system. It implements the transformation between the internal form of information and the acceptable forms of human beings. Where there is a man-machine interface in the field of human-computer information exchange. The touch screen is a kind of PLC man-machine interface.You can adjust the parameters or monitor the parameters by touching the buttons on the screen.

But the man-machine interface is not necessarily all the touch screen, some in the operation panel to install a number of buttons, people through the button to monitor the PLC run. This interface screen is used to observe the parameters, no touch operation.
Touch screen is the man-machine interface, but the touch screen is only one of the man-machine interface. The man-machine interface also includes non-touch screen.
The man-machine interface also includes non-touch screen, as well as the host computer, text display, etc. Connect the PLC is always a man-machine interface function, can achieve human-computer interaction interface is the man-machine interface!

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