Touch screen must be clear, responsive and stable operation, is the standard touch display. Can be carried out by the means of inspection
Use the check program provided in the driver to check whether the physical function of the touch screen is normal;
If you have two or more of these products, please use one by one to replace the hardware method to confirm which part of the hardware is faulty. Replace the test part of the control card, screen, cable;
If you have more than two PCs, please replace the PC for testing. Causing the touch screen can not run the PC failure are: RS-232 serial port is normal? You can use the mouse to do the test; keyboard port power supply can be provided properly? You can use the way to connect the keyboard to test; test IRQ and other interrupt is the conflict? You can enter the system resources to view the COM port and IRQ occupancy.
The test is normal, the software driver can not run the unified processing
See if the driver is compatible with the product and controller settings.
Use the RS-232 controller, whether the serial number of the touch screen cable is connected to the serial number in the software installation. Please correct it and try again.
Is the device resource conflicting? If some of the network card installed after the default IRQ is 3, and COM2 IRQ conflict. The IRQ of the NIC should be modified to the IRQ value of the device.
If the above test is completely normal, and can not solve your technical problems, according to your use of the product, refer to the following product failure method to rule out the product failure.

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