The proximity sensor switch (hereinafter referred to as the proximity switch) is, in a common sense, a device that can sense the proximity of an object to perform a corresponding switching action. The proximity switch is a position switch that can be operated in mechanical contact with a moving component. When the proximity surface of the switch is approaching the operating distance, the switch can be actuated without mechanical contact and any pressure applied, thereby driving the AC or DC appliance or providing control commands to the computer device. The proximity switch is a switch type sensor (ie, no contactless switch), which has the characteristics of a stroke switch and a micro switch, and has sensing performance, reliable operation, stable performance, fast frequency response, long application life, and resistance. It has strong interference capability, and is waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant. Products are inductive, capacitive, Hall, AC, DC.

The proximity switch, also known as the non-contact proximity switch, is an ideal electronic switching sensor. When the metal detector approaches the sensing area of ​​the switch, the switch can be contactless, without pressure, without sparks, and quickly emit electrical commands, accurately reflecting the position and stroke of the moving mechanism, even for general stroke control, its positioning accuracy, operation Frequency, service life, ease of installation adjustment, and ability to withstand harsh environments are not comparable to conventional mechanical travel switches. It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries. It can be used as a limit, counting, positioning control and automatic protection in the automatic control system. The proximity switch has the characteristics of long service life, reliable operation, high repeatability, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, strong anti-vibration ability. So far, the application range of proximity switches has become more and more extensive, and the speed of its own development and innovation is extremely rapid.
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