Why is the Plc touch screen machine so sought after? Today we talked about the touch screen built from the Plc touch screen all-in-one.

The core component of the Plc touch screen all-in-one is the touch screen.

So before talking about the touch screen composed of PLC touch one machine, I focused on explaining the next four touch screens.

Touch screens are divided into four properties based on their physical principles.

The characteristics of the infrared touch screen technology are not explained too much. Mainly talk about its application.

The infrared touch screen is not affected by the environment. Not afraid of stains, not afraid of water, not afraid to click for a long time, not afraid of the wind. And 4 kinds of four kinds of touch screens, only the infrared touch screen can make large size. What is a large size, here I define it as 32 inches or more. Only the infrared touch screen can do more than 32 inches, and now the infrared touch screen on the market can achieve 200 inches or more.

And it has a feature, then the object can be touched, he relies on infrared light to produce infrared light technology to produce touch. As long as the object touches on it, it will light up and darken. As long as the inside of the lamp is not bad, it can always be touched accurately. Life expectancy is at least 60 million hits.

Is the capacitive touch screen directly eliminated by the large-size touch integrated machine?

Does the electronics do not use capacitive screens? Because of the capacitive screen, its principle is to touch according to the principle of current strength. The formula for I=U/Xc when reading junior high school physics. You will understand. Touch sensitivity is caused by current. Your Apple phone, Samsung phone is a capacitive screen. If you don’t touch other objects, you can’t touch them. If your phone has water or stains, your touch is not sensitive. Because the current is diluted.

Capacitive touch screens are very strong in the mobile phone industry. Because he doesn’t do much. Even if it is bigger. The cost is also a high price. There are tens of thousands of 32-inch. Can such a touch screen be used in a large-size touch integrated machine?

So if someone in the touch-one machine industry flickers you, their touch screen is much better, using capacitors. Then you have to be cautious

If you only look at the internal hardware, 76% of the products on the market are below the pass line. This does not completely blame those producers, but the core components of the plc touch screen machine determine this cost and final sale price. Because there is no such brand influence as (Picture Electronics), naturally, the company does not dare to produce high-quality products that are produced by the company, otherwise the price will drive down sales. If you don’t be careful, you may encounter a problem product from a small and medium-sized factory with a low price. And they are able to sell at very low prices, mostly by eliminating obsolete accessories and refurbished parts.

In the choice of touch screen all-in-one, the hardware requirements for today’s ultra-high-definition video and software technology upgrades have increased a lot. If you still take a model reference other than the one, it is actually not suitable. The third-generation models are coming into being, and of course there are not many third-generation products. According to the use environment, the configuration focuses on the elements of these aspects.

CPU; the current popularity is divided into i3 i5 i7 usually understand that the bigger the higher the better, in fact, if the teaching uses 3D teaching materials, the memory CPU is extremely high, then the corresponding need to be highly matched. Office conferences and exhibitions are not required.

  The price of the machine also varies with the size of the accessories, plus the manufacturer. A typical example is the touch, which is naturally relatively low through direct online sales. But the founder has the mentality of a hundred years of foundation, so the cost of quality is naturally high. In short, it is bound to be too cheap.

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