No display on power:

It is more common for the inverter to display no fault on power-up, and basically it can be determined that the fault points are divided into: rectifier module, control card, and power supply card (driver card).

Troubleshooting: 1. When the inverter is powered on without display, check the rectifier module first. If the rectifier module is damaged, there is no DC voltage in the main circuit. The switching power supply will not work and the inverter will not display. 2. The DC voltage on the power supply card is normal, and the switching power supply does not work. Check the switching power supply load voltage, the machine’s switching power supply structure is relatively common, is the UC3844 chip type, plus over-current protection. Repair the power board as long as the circuit is repaired. 3. After the load voltage of each channel of the switching power supply board is normal, if the inverter does not display, the control card is damaged. Just replace the control card and you can fix it.

Display CPF00:

The repaired 616G7 inverter will display CPF00 faults when it is powered on. The fault description is divided into two types: 1. Digital operator communication failure. Even if the power is turned on for 5 seconds, it cannot communicate with the digital operator. 2. The CPU has bad external RAM.

Troubleshooting: First replace the operator panel to determine if the operator panel is faulty. If the operator panel is damaged, the operator panel is replaced and the inverter is switched on. Secondly, if the connection between the operation panel and the control card is reliable, if it is reliable, then the connection is not damaged. The final confirmation is that the control card is damaged. The technical service center has received such a fault. The inverter is basically a controller card that is damaged. Repairing the peripheral circuit on the control card or replacing the control card can eliminate the fault.

Show OH:

Fault description: The heat sink is overheated and the temperature of the inverter heat sink exceeds the setting of L8-02.

Troubleshooting: First check the inverter power supply, observe the cooling fan is running normally, if the fan does not run, it is caused by fan damage. Secondly, if the fan is operating normally, it is necessary to check whether the temperature check loop on the power card (drive card) is working properly.

Display VCF failure:

Fault description: The fault is not described in the Yaskawa 616G7 specification.

Troubleshooting: This fault is currently summarized from our company’s maintenance experience, which is the DC voltage detection fault or the drive line damage. After the DC voltage is sampled, it passes through the detection circuit. If a fault occurs, the OU, UU, or VCF fault is displayed. If the drive line is damaged, the inverter will also display VCF failure.

Display GF failures:

Fault Description: GF is displayed when the ground current at the output side of the inverter exceeds approximately 50% of the inverter’s rated output current. Grounding occurs at the output side of the inverter (contact caused by motor burnout, insulation deterioration, or cable breakage).

Troubleshooting: As in the company’s inspection, as long as the transmission shows the fault, and can not be reset, it is determined that the inverter is damaged. If such a fault occurs, the sensor should be checked first. If the sensor is damaged, the fault disappears after the replacement. If the sensor is not damaged, it is to check the surrounding lines and repair the surrounding lines.

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