1, the motor connected to the power start, the motor does not turn but a buzz sound may be:
① due to the power of the problem, resulting in single-phase operation;
② motor overload capacity;
③ drag mechanical stuck;
④ winding motor rotor circuit open into a broken line;
⑤ stator head end of the internal location of the wrong, or a broken line, short circuit. Treatment: The first case to check the power cord, the main check motor wiring and fuses, there is no line damage; the second case of the motor unloaded after a no-load or half-load start; the third case is estimated to be due to being Drag the instrument failure, unloading the device being dragged, to find fault from the device being dragged; the fourth case check the brush, slip ring and starting resistance of each contactor engagement; the fifth situation to be re-judged three-phase The end and tail, and check whether the three-phase windings and short circuit.
2, the motor starts to heat more than the temperature rise or smoke may cause:
① power supply voltage does not meet the standard, the motor temperature rise too fast at rated load;
② motor operating environment, such as high humidity reasons;
③ motor overload or single-phase operation;
④ motor start failure, reversing too much. Approach: The first case to adjust the motor grid voltage; the second case check the fan operation, strengthen the environmental inspection, to ensure that the environment is appropriate; the third case check the motor starting current, the problems found in time; the fourth case Reduce the number of motor positive and negative, timely replacement of positive and negative to adapt to the motor.
3, low insulation resistance may be the reason:
① internal motor water, damp;
② winding debris, dust effects;
③ motor internal winding aging. Treatment: the first case of internal motor drying process; the second case of handling motor debris inside; the third case to be checked and restore the lead wire insulation or replace the terminal box insulated wire board; the fourth case timely check the winding aging Situation, timely replacement of windings.
4, the motor shell charged possible reasons:
① motor lead wire insulation or junction box insulation board;
② winding end cover contact with the motor casing;
③ motor grounding problem. Treatment: The first case to restore the insulation of the motor outlet or replace the junction box insulation plate; the second case, such as removing the cover after grounding phenomenon disappears, the end of the winding can be insulated and then install the end cap; fourth Re-ground the situation as required.
5, the motor is not running sound may be the reason:
① motor internal connection error, resulting in ground or short circuit, the current instability caused by noise;
② Motor internal pumping into disrepair, or internal debris. Approach: The first case to be opened for a full inspection; the second case can be processed into debris or replace the bearing chamber 1 / 2-1 / 3.
6, motor vibration may be the reason:
① motor installed on the ground uneven;
② motor rotor instability;
③ pulley or coupling imbalance;
④ internal turn of the bend;
⑤ motor fan problem. Treatment: The first kind of motor to be installed on a stable base, to ensure balance; the second case to proof rotor balance; the third case need to balance the pulley or coupling; the fourth case need to align the shaft, the Belt wheel alignment set heavy vehicles; the fifth case of static fan.

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