Four kinds of motor temperature measurement method
There are four main methods of motor temperature measurement:
① thermometer method;
② resistance method;
③ embedded thermometer method;
④ paste temperature measurement method.
The temperature test described here uses the first method described above. The temperature sensor is a copper-constantan thermocouple that is easier to manufacture, less expensive, and easier to calibrate in the laboratory. The hot spot indexing number is T-type and the test temperature range is – 200 ~ 400 ℃ between.
It can directly change the temperature signal into a weak voltage signal transformed according to a certain rule. Through one or two A / D conversion cards, it can be directly connected with the PC. Using special temperature test software, you can test 8 or 16 points at the same time Different positions of the temperature and the computer monitor directly displays the current and historical records of all temperature values ​​or temperature curves. The A / D converter card for the intelligent ISA bus, with optocoupler isolation, anti-interference ability, high precision, high reliability.
Due to the large thermal inertia of the temperature field and the temperature sensor, the minimum interval required to acquire and convert a set of data is set to 3 s to satisfy most of the test requirements, which is also true for the motor temperature test.

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