The control signal input from the film-covered keyboard in the cyclic processing process is also linked with the industrial control computer by using the interrupt method, and the industrial control computer respectively processes the key value analysis. Special machine fault and protection control In order to prevent accidents, the CNC control system has three kinds of safety protection to stop the machining operation.

The first is the emergency stop button on the main control cabinet. When it is pressed, it will send a low-level signal to the servo amplifier and IPC at the same time. Its role is to make the servo amplifier output enable signal zero and stop the servo output. After the IPC receives this signal, it releases all outputs and reboots into the initial preparation state for processing.

Secondly, the red stop button on the overlay button allows the control software to enter a specific interrupt service, promptly return the two servo axes to the origin lock, release other external outputs, and then wait.

The third is the power control button on the main control board. Pressing this button will cut off the power supply of the IPC and servo amplifier. It is the emergency stop control protection button.

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