[Project Introduction]
Mitsubishi Electric provides a complete system solution for the automotive industry. So far there are many domestic automobile and engine manufacturers using Mitsubishi Electric’s system solutions, and customers get the praise. In this case, the car assembly line is a domestic automobile factory in Mitsubishi Electric ALC system solution based on the build.

[System map]

The assembly line consists of the body storage section, the chassis assembly section, the door packing section, the final assembly section, the power assembly pack, the dashboard assembly section, the engine assembly section and so on. The electronic control system is based on the idea of ​​Mitsubishi Electric ALC (automobile production line management system). Overall, it adopts the mode of “centralized supervision and decentralized control”. The whole system is divided into three layers: information layer, control layer and equipment layer.
The information layer consists of operator stations and engineering stations installed in the central control room. They are connected via a common Ethernet and are interfaced between the PLCs installed on the MELSECNET / 10 network master PLC and the PLC Data exchange. When necessary, you can connect with the management’s computer network through the engineering station, allowing managers to access the information they need in the office.
The control layer adopts the MELSECNET / 10 net of Mitsubishi Electric, and connects the 8 sets of Q series PLCs of the assembly line (except the front axle dispensing section and rear axle packing section) to realize data sharing. It has a high transmission speed (10Mbps), programming is simple (no special network instructions), high reliability, easy maintenance, large information capacity and so on. Body storage section with a Mitsubishi Electric A975GOT man-machine interface through the BUS (bus) connection, to achieve the site of the scene information on-site monitoring.
Equipment layer using CC-Link, respectively, hanging in the body storage section, chassis assembly section, the door sub-storage section and the interior section of the PLC. CC-Link is an open field bus, it through the twisted pair will be the scene of the sensor, pump, valve, ID reader, inverter and remote I / O and other equipment connected to achieve decentralized control, centralized management.

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