First, the choice of contactor

  Select the rated voltage and rated current of the contactor main contact: The rated voltage of the contactor contact is usually selected to be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the load circuit. The rated current of the main contact is not lower than the rated current of the specified load circuit. Generally, it is selected by 1.3 times.

  Select the voltage of the contactor to attract the coil: the contactor attracts the coil voltage and generally chooses the relative voltage of 20V or directly selects 380V.

The number and type of contacts of the contactor should meet the requirements of the control circuit.

Second, what should be paid attention to when installing the contactor

  1. When the contactor is installed, the bottom plate should be perpendicular to the bottom surface, and the inclination should be less than 5°;
  2. When the AC contactor is installed, the two sides should be placed in the upper and lower positions to facilitate heat dissipation;
  3. When installing the wiring, be careful not to let the screws, coils, terminals and other parts fall, so as not to fall into the contactor and cause mechanical jamming and short-circuit faults. The screws should be tightened to prevent the vibration from loosening.

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