30Jun 2017

1761 MicroLogix 1000 Controllers 1761-L10BWA 6 inputs , 4 contact outputs, 24V DC sink/source 1761-L10BWB 6 inputs , 4 contact outputs, 24V DC sink/source 1761-L10BXB 6 input s24V DC sink/source,2 contact outputs, 2 source 24V DC outputs 1761-L16AWA 10 inputs,120 v ac, 6 contact outputs 1761-L32AWA 20 inputs 120 vac, 12 contact output 1761-L16BWA 10 […]

17Jul 2017

FR-D720-0.2K FR-D720-0.4K FR-D720-0.75K FR-D720-1.5K FR-D720-2.2K FR-D720-3.7K FR-D720S-0.1K FR-D720S-0.2K FR-D720S-0.4K FR-D720S-0.75K FR-D720S-1.5K FR-D720S-2.2K FR-D740-0.4K FR-D740-0.4K-CHT FR-D740-0.75K FR-D740-0.75K-CHT FR-D740-1.5K FR-D740-1.5K-CHT FR-D740-11K FR-D740-15K FR-D740-2.2K FR-D740-2.2K-CHT FR-D740-3.7K FR-D740-3.7K-CHT FR-D740-5.5K FR-D740-7.5K FR-D740-7.5K-CHT

03Aug 2017

First, PLC controller frequency with servo drive and load speed Known as the servo drive Pm = 10000Pulse / r, PLC controller issued by the frequency f (puls / s), how to calculate the load shaft speed n (r / s) 1, when the servo motor directly connected to the axis, set the electronic gear […]

18Aug 2017

one. Use the FX-20P to set the PLC password: two. Use FX-20P to transfer the program: Selecting the HPP-> FX item will transfer the program from the handheld programmer to the PLC. Selecting the HPP <-FX entry will read the program in the PLC into the handheld programmer. three. Some instructions are entered (Note: The […]

02Sep 2017

Instruction format and function Function: When execution condition is ON, call subroutine with number N. Function: Start with SBN definition subroutine N, end with RET definition subroutine.

17Sep 2017

JL-400 undervoltage relay for cabinet installation of the power distribution system protection, such as: distribution cabinet, distribution box, electric control box, machine tools and other equipment. Can replace Siemens, Schneider, Jiale and Omron and other similar products. Not only has superior performance, but also has a high cost. Undervoltage Relays Overview: JL-400 undervoltage relay is […]