28Jun 2017

Temperature Controller [E5C2] DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Temperature Controller with Analog Setting. Compact, low-cost Temperature Controller. Incorporates proportional control and reset adjustment function. Consecutive mounting possible using mounting adapter. Incorporates a plug-in socket, thus allows to DIN-track and flush mounting. Temp Controller 1 E5C2-R20K Temp Controller size 48*48mm, Relay Output, 220VAC 2 E5C2-R40K Temp Controller […]

15Jul 2017

FR-E720-0.2K FR-E720-0.4K FR-E720-0.75K FR-E720-1.5K FR-E720-11K FR-E720-2.2K FR-E720-3.7K FR-E720-5.5K FR-E720-7.5K FR-E720S-0.2K FR-E720S-0.4K FR-E720S-0.75K FR-E720S-1.5K FR-E720S-2.2K FR-E740-0.4K FR-E740-0.4K-CHT FR-E740-0.75K FR-E740-0.75K-CHT FR-E740-1.5K FR-E740-1.5K-CHT FR-E740-11K FR-E740-11K-CHT FR-E740-2.2K FR-E740-2.2K-CHT FR-E740-3.7K FR-E740-3.7K-CHT FR-E740-5.5K FR-E740-5.5K-CHT FR-E740-7.5K FR-E740-7.5K-CHT FR-PU04 FR-PU07

01Aug 2017

MDS-C1-CV-370 MDS-CH-CV-260 MDS-DH-CV-110 MDS-CH-CV-300 MDS-DH-CV-185 MDS-CH-CV-110 MDS-CH-CV-370 MDS-DH-CV-300 MDS-CH-CV-150 MDS-CH-CV-450 MDS-DH-CV-370 MDS-CH-CV-185 MDS-CH-CV-550 MDS-DH-CV-450 MDS-CH-CV-220 MDS-DH-CV-75 MDS-DH-CV-550

16Aug 2017

one. The reason for the overload The intelligent power module IPM (Intelligent Power Module) inside the servo amplifier contains over-voltage, overcurrent and overheating fault detection circuits. Therefore, when the motor drive load is accelerated or decelerated, the output torque of the motor is greater than the rated torque of the motor After a short period […]

31Aug 2017

The relay and data of the CPM l A series PLC are divided into the internal relay area (1R), the special auxiliary relay area (SR), the temporary relay area (TR), the relay area (HR), the auxiliary memory relay area (AR), the link Relay area (LR), timer / counter area (TC) and data storage (DM). The […]

15Sep 2017

Preface: Programmable controller referred to as PLC, is a microprocessor-based generation of general-purpose industrial controller. Because of its flexible control performance, simple and easy to use performance, can adapt to the reliability of various industrial environments, so in the field of industrial automation to take a wide range of applications. In the large-scale automated production […]