27Jun 2017

GP2501-LG41-24V AGP3200-A1-D24 AGP3310-T1-D24 GP250-BG11-24V GP320-LG11 AGP3200-T1-D24 AGP3301-L1-D24 GP250-BGM1-24V GP370-LG11-24V AGP3200-T1-D24-M AGP3301-L1-D24-M GP250-LG11-24V GP370-LG21-24V AGP3300-L1-D24 AGP3301-S1-D24 GP250-SC11-24V GP370-LG31-24V AGP3300-L1-D24-M AGP3302-B1-D24 GP250-SCM1-24V GP370-LG41-24V AGP3300-L1-D24-CA1M AGP3400-S1-D24 GP2500-LG41-24V GP370-SC11-24V AGP3300-L1-D24-D81C AGP3400-S1-D24-D81C GP2500-SC41-24V GP370-SC21-24V AGP3300-L1-D24-D81K AGP3400-S1-D24-D81K GP2500-TC11 GP370-SC31-24V AGP3300-L1-D24-FN1M AGP3400-T1-D24 GP2500-TC11-M GP370-SC41-24V AGP3300-S1-D24 AGP3400-T1-D24-M GP2500-TC41-24V GP377-LG11-24V AGP3300-S1-D24-D81C AGP3500-L1-D24 GP2500-TC41-24V-M GP377-LG41-24V AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K AGP3500-L1-D24-D81C GP377R-TC11-24V AGP3300-T1-D24 AGP3500-S1-AF GP2501-SC11 GP377R-TC41-24V AGP3300-T1-D24-M AGP3500-S1-AF-D81C GP2501-SC11-M […]

13Jul 2017

Power Supply 1 S8JX-G03524C Power Supply cover type 220VAC/24VDC; 50W, 1.5A 2 S8JX-G03524CD Power Supply cover type 220VAC/24VDC; 50W, 1.5A, Din-Rail Type 3 S8JX-G05024C Power Supply cover type 220VAC/24VDC; 50W, 2.1A 4 S8JX-G05024CD Power Supply cover type 220VAC/24VDC; 50W, 2.1A, Din-Rail Type 5 S8JX-G10024C Power Supply cover type 220VAC/24VDC; 50W, 4.5A 6 S8JX-G10024CD Power Supply […]

30Jul 2017

First, FX3G and FX3GA difference? 1.FX3GA: input and output terminal block is not removable; FX3G removable, so no need to replace the PLC when the cable 2.FX3GA: can not be equipped with optional battery; FX3G can be optional battery 3.FX3GA: can only expand a BD communication board (single channel expansion), FX3G 40 points or more […]

14Aug 2017

Object: ① FX2N PLC + FX2N-232-BD ② FX2N PLC + FX2N-232-IF ③ bar code reader: Metrologic IS4120 1. When communicating with the bar code reader via the FX2N-232-BD, the communication format is first set in the D8120 and then programmed with the RS (FNC.80) instruction without protocol communication with the bar code reader (received only) […]

30Aug 2017

S: source data D: destination channel C (BCD): control data C content meaning Bit00 ~ bit07 Specifies the bit number in S Bit08 ~ bit15 specifies the bit number in D Instruction function When the execution condition is ON, S is transferred to D according to the contents of C. Example of using MOVB instruction […]

13Sep 2017

1, Q: floating point operation what kind of benefits, in the results of the operation of his small point is not allowed to carry? What is the difference between floating point operations and double fine floating point operations? A: floating-point operations support the operation with a decimal point, which is its benefit, floating-point operations each […]