product description

Precise control of your motor. Using 10AF to 35AF CAN terminals makes wiring simple and safe. Surge absorbers can be embedded in 35AF or lower models. For 50AF or higher models, AC operation DC electromagnetic excitation can be used to control the surge.

● Irreversible contactor

New integrated terminal cover with finger touch safety features and reduced coil inventory by up to 50%. It is also suitable for small loads. The smallest volume in the same product. Obtained various international certifications.

● Reversible contactor

It is suitable for AC motors to rotate forward or reverse, such as conveyor lines.

Adopt mechanical interlock for better safety.

● Mechanical latching contactor

The mechanical latching relay is used to maintain constant power even when the power is turned off.

Suitable for distribution boards, memory circuits of building core systems, and other uses.

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