Take Delta PLC DVP16ES2 as an example.


Use environment:

PLC remote module; Huajie intelligent control HJ8300 (support 4G, WIFI, network port, RS232/485)

PLC remote control software: Huajie intelligent control smartlink

PLC: Delta DVP16ES2

first step:

The computer side enables Huajie Zhizhi smartlink remote LAN software, the computer enters the remote LAN, and forms a LAN with the industrial grade 4G router.

The second step:

Configure the PLC remote module HJ8300. Connect 232 of Delta PLC DVP16ES2 to the serial interface of HJ8300. Configure a remote LAN. Configure the serial port information, configure the serial port of the PLC remote module HJ8300 as the server, and use the adaptive baud rate. Wait for the client to connect.

third step:

PC side PING PLC remote module HJ8300. Can ping the computer and PLC remote module has formed a LAN

the fourth step:

Install the virtual serial port driver. The serial port of the computer is set as the client, and the data is read by the COM port of the PLC remote module HJ8300. The IP address is filled in the smartlink IP of the PLC remote module. The COM port is the virtual COM port of the computer. When the status is displayed as LINK OK, the COM port on the computer side is connected to the COM port of the remote module of the PLC.

the fifth step:

Run Delta’s PLC program, input the COM port number, successfully connect to the PLC, download the program, and the PLC running program is successful.

PLC remote module supports Siemens, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Delta, Xinjie, Omron, Yaskawa and various domestic brands PLC stable performance, simple operation, low-cost realization of PLC remote control options.

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