Selecting the client application for downloading the human-machine interface via USB is one of the characteristics of Delta’s man-machine. Due to its high speed and convenience, it has become the first choice of most users. However, there are often user response computers and human-machine interfaces that cannot be properly connected when using USB communication. Here is a general explanation of this problem combined with the situation encountered in use, I hope to help you.

Key words:
USB download driver installation

I. Introduction
Under normal circumstances, the human-machine software will automatically install the USB driver during installation, and the user can perform normal download without any other operations. However, sometimes after the software is installed, the human-machine power supply, plug in the USB cable operating system prompts to find new hardware, the following will propose some corresponding processing methods for your reference.

Second, the judgment method
Before explaining the processing method, explain how to judge whether the driver is correctly installed: the user can judge whether the [Jungo] icon appears by going to [My Computer]-[Properties]-[Device Manager]. The USB driver of the machine has not been installed correctly. When the HMI and computer are connected, the [HMI] icon will appear in [Human Input Device].

Third, the treatment

  1. Install/uninstall the driver through the installation and uninstall function buttons of the USB driver of the software itself. The specific steps are as follows: Open the software, directly select the [Options] menu bar, and click the [Environment Settings] menu of the lower level. Below the dialog box are two function buttons [Reinstall Human USB Driver] and [Uninstall Human USB Driver], and select the corresponding button to install or uninstall the driver.
    After this operation, most of the drivers can be installed correctly. However, sometimes there will be a new hardware prompt when the operation is completed, and the operating system will pop up the Found New Hardware Wizard. See the following figure:

Select [Install from list or specific location], click [Next], go to the next step, see the following figure:

Select [Do not search. I have to choose the driver I want to install], click [Next] to enter the screen as shown below:

Click [Next] to start the driver installation. After the installation is finished, the following figure will appear:

This way, the man-machine can download the program via USB without any problem. To use this method, you need to pay attention to the following: You must first install the driver through the function button [Install Human Machine USB Driver] provided by the software, and then follow the above steps to perform the corresponding operation. Otherwise, the driver cannot be found.

2, completely manual installation. When the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, click [Next] to proceed to the next step, as shown below:

Select [Include this location in the search], select the installation directory of the HMI software, :\program files\delta\screen editor 1.0.**\screditapp, click [Next] to enter the driver installation. This method works for the win98 operating system.

  1. Handling of other special problems: Sometimes the user finds that the program can’t be downloaded from the USB and downloads into the device manager of the computer. The driver is installed normally. At this time, you can try to solve the problem by the following methods:
    (1) The USB cable can be connected to the computer after the HMI is booted. This method can avoid the problem that the operating system reported that the human machine does not start to complete the unrecognizable hardware.
    (2) The computer can recognize the HMI normally, but the program cannot be downloaded. At this time, the button battery on the man-machine circuit board can be removed, and then re-installed after 2 minutes. This is mainly to eliminate the influence of the human-machine system program on communication. This method is also effective for dealing with the problem of false crashes of human-machines.
    (3) Select a shorter communication cable. This is mainly to prevent the lack of computer USB communication port drive capability. The length of the USB download cable should not exceed 1.5 meters.

Fourth, the conclusion
Of course, users may encounter other problems on the spot, but in general, as long as the computer can find new hardware, then through processing, it should be possible to download the HMI program via USB.

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