Model: Delta DVP-32EX
Use software: Delta PLCbianchengruanjian/’ target=’_blank’>PLC programming software, serial port monitoring wizard
Principle: By monitoring the serial port, the communication data between the PLC programming software and the PLC can be obtained. The encrypted password of Delta PLC is sent by the programming software to the PLC request password, and then compared with the password entered by the user. So as long as you can find the password in the monitoring communication data.
1. Run the serial port monitoring wizard and monitor the serial port.
2. Run the PLC programming software and choose to read the program from the PLC.
3. When the programming software enters a password, the password can already be obtained through the serial port monitoring data.
4. Analyze passwords from serial data.
Example: The password is: 1111
In the acceptance code:
3A 30 31 30 33 30 32 34 34 35 35 36 31 0D 0A 3A 30 31 30 31 30 31 32 44 44 30 0D 0A 3A 30 31 30 33 30 34 33 31 33 31 33 31 33 31 33 34 0D 0A
The red part of the last line is the password. Converting this part to ASCII code to character is 31313131. Then separate the 31313131 into 31 31 31 31, and then convert it by ASCII code to get the password: 1111 believes that in addition to this model, you can also try to obtain the password in this way.

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